Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Write! App

Write! App

Write! App

Write! is an elegant workspace to create notes, to-do lists, writing projects, and texts of any kind. It has all the features of a good word processor packed into a clutter-free interface. It's the only text editor you will need.

It's not difficult to find a simple writing app for Windows. But it's tough to find a simple writing app that packs a punch. Write! was designed to be a versatile tool in the writer's arsenal. In fact, it was designed with all types of writers in mind - this is a text editor for writers, bloggers, novelists, and journalists.
With its sleek UI and fast performance on all major operating systems running on any hardware, Write! is the text editor for writers on any platform. Write!'s Native Cloud feature keeps all your writing up-to-date in a secure Cloud, so you can write without worrying you'll lose something or have to resort to thumb drives that, all too often, get lost. Start learning to rely on your word processor.
Available on Windows, macOS and Linux.
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Praise for the App
“As a writer I use Write! to get my work done. Productivity is an essential to accomplishing your goals as a writer. Write! has fantastic organizational capabilities. The entrepreneurial writer can definitely benefit from being a bit less lost in the clutter of work. Write! is a great way to organize any amount of writing and separate documents that have to do with separate projects. With the right tools, you can fight procrastination and be more productive while at the same time improve your grammar and formatting.” ~ Laura K. Inamedinova, Forbes

These days, the market for text editors and word processors is huger than ever. We can count about 100 word processors and text editors available on the market. Some of them are outdated and not supported, and some are getting regularly improvements.
Take Write!, for example. Apart from its no-distraction and intuitive interface, the app has got its own Cloud that saves every keystroke you log, so you can rollback to any version of the document on any computer you have Write! installed on - Mac or PC, with Linux on approach. Besides providing mobility for writers working on multiple machines across multiple platforms, it’s got productivity features galore:
·         Focus Mode for dimming all paragraphs except the one that the cursor is on at the moment. Turn it on in fullscreen to get maximum focus, and minimal distractions. Before you know it, the world around you dissolves, and you become one with your writing;
·         Self-teaching autocomplete that remembers what words you use, and knows what you’re about to say;
·         Intelligent spellchecker that knows what language you’re using and lets you zip around your doc to check everything without touching your mouse;
·         Writing sessions that allow to work on multiple projects and seamlessly switch between contexts;
·         Publishing to the web directly from the app, and much more cool things. 
It looks beautiful on a screen of any size and resolution, in both Light and Dark theme. Make your Writing beautiful with Write!’s 15 presets, 25 text colors and text formatting options galore. Publish as soon as you’re done writing - in two clicks, any writing of yours can be up online to be seen by those you want to see it.

Get Write!
Get Write! for the regular price of $19.95. If you hurry, you might still get the Christmas Special Deal: $10.95 (45% off)!
Starting one year after purchase, Cloud access and maintenance updates are $4.95 per year.
Are you a student? Students get Write! for only $9.95.


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