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"Purpose of Heaven upon Earth" by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie

Purpose of Heaven upon Earth:
Tough Goals, Turning ordinary into extraordinary, Better Lifestyle
by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie

Purpose of Heaven upon Earth: Tough Goals, Turning ordinary into extraordinary, Better Lifestyle by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie

Dr. Wanjiru Gachie joins us today to share an excerpt from her latest book, Purpose of Heaven upon Earth. Also available: All This and Heaven Too and Riches of Heaven upon Earth.

All This and Heaven Too by Dr. Wanjiru GachieRiches of Heaven upon Earth by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie

This book has been written with the following objectives in mind.
·         Shares the principles of living a lifestyle of purpose by creating and designing action-oriented goals.
·         Helps to open up your heart so that you can partake as a co-inheritor with Christ in the Heavenly Father’s riches.
·         Guides in the process of turning any ordinary situation into one of extraordinariness by the power and ability to focus. As well as in applying even a little mustard seed-like faith, to take action and how to measure your outcomes of undertaking these steps.
·         Guides in transcending from merely surviving into learning how to partake into the MORE abundant lifestyle that our Lord Jesus Christ has promised.
·         Guides through the process of applying the 3Ps principle of Patience, Perseverance and Persistence in all the areas of life thus turning your financial vision and dreams into a reality.
·         Shares the secrets of wanting nothing for the Lord will be your greatest treasure.
·         Shares principles of building an exceptionally beautiful and financially sound Better Lifestyle that stands on the solid rock, Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This book is a product of my own testimony of God’s deliverance and ultimate blessing in turning my once dismal situation into something of great value. Thus, the book is one of encouragement in order to motivate you dear reader to turn your gaze to the Heavenly Father and not to despair even as you walk through the dark valleys.
Rather than providing with plain information, this book attempts to provide you with a pointers that consists of a Better Lifestyle allowing you to make an informed decision concerning designing your goals and aligning your personal purpose with the universal purpose of God for His creations. The Heavenly Father has given human beings the ability to make choices and come up with decisions, and that is why He urges His children to ‘come and reason together’ with Him. He desires to have and engage in a dialogue with His beloved children.
In this world, you are a sojourner who is engaged in daily spiritual warfare with the enemy whose desire is to steal, to destroy and kill your goals so that you do not experience a Better Lifestyle of purpose. The enemy knows that by stealing your mustard seed like faith that you will fall into despair and be unable to turn your ordinary situations into extraordinary ones. The Devil’s main purpose is that you will not be able to become a blessing to many and in so doing you will not bring glory to the Heavenly Father.
The book is based on Dr Gachie personal journey of transformation of moving from nothingness into something. This process will help to steer the moving ship, because as a servant-steward of Christ you will be able to identify patterns in your life; what experiences led to other experiences, was there a buildup in all those experiences, is there a possibility that even my mistakes may be used in a redemptive way to craft a life message.
This Better Lifestyle book is based on the stewardship philosophy because you have been entrusted with all things material and non-material that the Father has provided in Heavenly places. A Better Lifestyle is all about a Kingdom building purpose of that good steward and ambassador by using the talents assigned to you in your respective worthwhile profession be it in being an accountant, a businessperson, a teacher, an athlete, housekeeper, mother, father, son, daughter or medical practitioner.  Whatever your worthwhile profession, the purpose of a Better Lifestyle is to adopt a daily attitude that says, “I am here Lord, use me as Your servant” (cf. Genesis 12:1-4; 1 Samuel 3:4; Isaiah 6:8; John 9:4; Luke 1:38).
The theme of this book revolves around the parable of the prodigal son and the parables of the talents. After hitting rock bottom like the prodigal son who came to his senses when he said, “How many of my father’s hired employees have enough food and to spare, but yet here I am starving of hunger!” It was as though the Prodigal said, ‘What a fool I have become!’ I came to my senses and realized that I would be better off being a slave in my Heavenly Father’s house than to live free in misery, toil and in dread. I have been exploring ways that anyone can systematically turn nothing into something extraordinary by the process of goal setting and of identifying one’s life purpose. You are the good and faithful steward who is here on earth to do business on behalf of the Heavenly Master who has entrusted you with talents and gifts so that one-day He will eventually hold you responsible and accountable for them.
The fundamental principle in this book is that a Better Lifestyle must rest upon a solid rock –Jesus Christ- because unless He builds your goals and gives you a purpose you shall build all in vain.
Furthermore, whoever wants to save their life will have to lose it first by becoming a servant of many, otherwise if you focus on saving your life first you shall lose it.
The book shares practical insights of how you can identify your goals and ultimate life purpose as you grow in union with Jesus Christ through prayer and thus experience a transformative Better Lifestyle because the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father is at hand.
I besiege you to get ready to experience the marvelous power of the principles and strategies that will empower you to make the relevant changes in your lifestyle, so that you will turn the life of your dreams into a reality in alignment with the Heavenly Father’s purpose.
The book also includes extracts from my own real life experiences that relate to the dramatic transformations that I have experienced on a moment-by-moment basis. By reading this book, you too can greatly benefit from the same life changing principles and strategies that are contained within these pages. Reference to the scriptures has been made in a way that you can practically apply them in different areas of your life. The scriptures are used as a guide to navigating the many terrains that you will encounter on your life journey.
You may have experienced a loss in an area of your life or want to draw more joy and peace from life but have not yet quite figured out how to do it, and then this book will become your day-to-day ever-loving companion. Included in the contents of this book are the keys to maximizing your goals and living a lifestyle of purpose from a Biblical perspective.
The book begins by introducing the subject of designing tough goals, which will form the foundation for identifying, utilizing, and enhancing your critical success factors for the lifestyle that you desire to live on a personal level.
The road to improvement is to improve oneself before the outer situation can improve. The book thus shows you just how much power you actually possess and that you are the catalyst for turning your ordinary situations into extraordinary ones. My task as your fellow brethren, coach and mentor is to scaffold you throughout this process of creating tough goals, of living a lifestyle of purpose and of turning nothing into something valuable.
Steps are provided in detail that will guide you on just how to go about turning your goals into a reality and for creating something durable. Focus is the first step, because each person needs to identify what he or she wants most out of life and in so doing ones energies will be better utilized in going towards this direction. Faith is then used to fuel to the fire towards achieving that which you have placed your focus. Next, the process describes how this faith can be become unshakeable by using the scriptures to revitalize their life. Next, the book identifies important actions that are needed to make a reality that which you have focused on and have the faith that it is yours as ordained by the Heavenly Father. Finally, the process incorporates just how you can go about measuring your progress so that indeed the extraordinary can become a tangible reality.
Adopting a systematic process of turning nothing into something, you will be on your way to attaining the life that you truly want. However, this is not the case as it is held that without a sense of urgency that lifestyle cannot be achieved, because a lifestyle is the way you go about your everyday, which is what essentially, determines your entire life. By mastering and applying the tools and strategies contained in this book, you will begin to see a radical and immediate transformation-taking place in the different areas of your life. Thank you very much my dear reader for joining me in this book and I pray that the Heavenly Father will reward you diligently.
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About the Author
Dr. Wanjiru Gachie
Dr. Wanjiru Gachie is an educator and religious teacher with a background in delivering interactive seminars that promote her audiences’ lifestyles. She was inspired by her own personal struggles, born and educated in the slums and she went on to receive degrees in Ph.D., MBA, MPRM, MA, B.Ed. Having seen her fair share of struggles in life and hitting rock bottom in life, the author realized she needs to make “All this and heaven too” available to everyone.