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"Emerging Victorious" by Venitian Brooks

Emerging Victorious:
How to overcome the obstacles of infertility
by Venitian Brooks

Emerging Victorious: How to overcome the obstacles of infertility by Venitian Brooks

Author Venitian Brooks joins us today to introduce her memoir, Emerging Victorious, and to share an excerpt and a special guest post. You can also enter our exclusive giveaway for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card.

The author exemplifies the pain and experience that infertility has brought as a result of being healed. This book is designed to encourage those who desire conception. This book can help couples to build a stronger relationship and love together. As a result of the many ups and downs this book can help to bring hope. The main goal of this book is to support, share, and motivate others. Infertility loss takes faith, trust, and commitment to cause things to change.

Having faith conquers many obstacles that humans face.
Abraham is a great example of faith in the Bible, and his biggest test of faith was believing God for a child. Hebrews 11: 11-12 tells us "By faith Abraham, even though he was past age - and Sarah herself was barren- was enabled to become a father because he considered him faithful who had made a promise. And so, from this one man, and he as good as dead, came descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as countless as the sand on the seashore."
Abraham and Sarah are a great example, especially for women who are concerned that they are too old to conceive. I like the way the Amplified Version of verse 11 tells it: "Because of faith also Sarah herself received physical power to conceive a child, even when she was long past the age for it, because she considered God who had given her the promise to be reliable and trustworthy and true to his word." Sarah’s story reminds us to stop focusing on the circumstances of not being pregnant, and to instead focus on God. Believing God for anything in life grows and strengthens our faith. The more we wait for it, the more our faith can grow (no wonder Abraham and Sarah were such strong examples of faith-filled people!). God gave us an awesome promise in Mark 11:24 "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe, that you have received it, and it will be yours." When I was younger I have always wanted a large family. Just like Abraham and Sarah one day my dream came true. Dealing with infertility there are options like counseling, medical treatments, or adoption. Infertility can be a painful and emotional experience. My experience from this loss has shaped me into the woman that I am today. Even during this difficult time, I was there for others who were going through also. I am reminded of a friend who was also barren at the time I was. We always encouraged each other to stand the test of time. So as the years past, we as believers stood faithfully on the promises of God. In spite, of the feelings of sadness, guilt and disappointment we stood the test. My greatest prayer is that this book brings hope and comfort to all who suffers or desire fertility. The journey of infertility has been wonderful, challenging, learning, and productive. Remember good things come to those who wait!
[You can look inside the book here.]

Guest Post by the Author
Having patience when dealing with infertility is very important. The longer it takes, the more you began to question yourself with thoughts like is it God’s will for me to bear children? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe it’s purposed for us to adopt a child. I’m sure you’ve tried just about everything to get close to our desire of having a baby. It is unfortunate that sometimes it may take over a year and even longer for some couples to conceive. My personal infertility journey took almost ten years before I could have my first born.
When I look back, I can say that it was worth the wait. In the process, I was an emotional wreck and disappointed. I want to encourage you not to be weary in well doing. Remain faithful as a husband or wife. Your next level is determined by your faithfulness. When all the cares of the world seem to be coming after you, when all things are breaking loose, when people start turning against you, or it seems you are singled out, do you realize it’s preparation for a promotion? It’s an opportunity to remain faithful in your kindness, your attitude, your work, your ministry, in your giving, and in your service.
I write this letter to encourage you to remain faithful. If you do this, God will supernaturally place you in the right place at the right time. In your season of waiting, always keep the faith and trust in God and yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams - there is always a way.

About the Author
Venitian Brooks
Venitian Brooks was born in Albany, Georgia. She is a wife and mother of seven adopted children and four biological children. She battled Infertility for almost ten years. In 1998, Venitian earned her certificate as a CNA and holds a certificate as a substitute teacher. Venitian is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree as a teacher and her Associate’s degree in Health Care Management. She has mentored many youth of different ages in the foster care system. She has served as a spiritual coach and leader to others who have struggled with Infertility.
Venitian enjoys spending time with family, church, and supporting others. Her goal is to start a foundation to support hurting couples who are dealing with Infertility.

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