Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Road to Shandara" by Ken Lozito

Road to Shandara
(Safanarion Order Book 1)
by Ken Lozito

Road to Shandara, the first book in the Safanarion Order series by Ken Lozito, is currently FREE. The author stops by today to share an excerpt from the book. Also available: Echoes of a Gloried Past, Amidst the Rising Shadows, and Heir of Shandara.

When a mythical world threatens everything, an unlikely hero must join the battle ...
College senior Aaron Jace is ready to start life in the real world. After the unexpected death of his grandfather, Aaron finds an unbelievable note that will change his world. The unknowing descendent of an ancient and powerful family, Aaron is thrust into a struggle that began long ago and will reach across worlds to pull him into the fight.
When he learns of the world of Safanar, it seems to be the stuff of legends: dragons, castles, and technologically-advanced cities. But it's as much a dream as it is a nightmare. Danger lurks in the shadows, and a demon sentinel named Tarimus wants to steal Aaron's power before he can learn his full potential.
With the help of an imprisoned Safanarion guardian, two mystical swords, and a puzzling family heirloom, Aaron must journey from Earth to find the fabled land of his ancestors. It may be a path that's impossible to survive.
The Road to Shandara is the first book in an epic fantasy series that features fast-paced action, compelling characters, and a breathtaking world that will make you want to snatch up the whole series. This is not your traditional fantasy novel. Grab the first book in your next fantasy series today!

The university campus was a buzz of bleary-eyed students going to and from class. Some exited the buildings with a slight spring in their step having finished another semester, while others were in such a haggard state that each step was carefully placed as if they walked on a path of eggshells and the slightest misstep would reveal just how unprepared they really were.
Having finished for the day, Aaron left Robertson Hall, home to the college of engineering sciences. Only one final exam separated him from a summer internship before starting graduate school, and he couldn’t wait. He headed to the parking lot and quickly located his old-style Jeep CJ7. Aaron had rescued the old CJ from a farm about a hundred miles from his house. His father thought he was crazy, but under the dirt and rust, a beast slept. “Beast” was the Jeep’s nickname and was a running joke between him and his father. He’d spent a year restoring it. The black paint shined and the chrome circling the traditional round headlights gleamed. The soft top was down, of course. Unless it was raining, the top to his Jeep always stayed down. There was nothing like driving with the top down and the wind blowing through his hair...freedom.
His mother had sent him a message asking that he cover for one of the horse trainers at his grandfather’s stables. He didn’t mind helping out and knew that his days working with the horses at the stables were numbered.
The drive out to the stables never took long, and a half hour later he came within sight of the tall hedges that ran the length of the property. He turned onto the long driveway lined with red maples. As he closed in on the main house, Aaron’s brows drew forward and he clutched the steering wheel. Bright, flashing red lights from police cars parked outside his grandfather’s colonial farmhouse lit up the area. Aaron steered to a stone wall, threw the shifter into park, and climbed out of the Jeep. A knot of police officers and paramedics gathered near the stairway that led to the house. At the top of the stairs, Zeus, his grandfather’s wolf half-breed, stood with his head lowered and teeth bared. A deep growl rumbled from Zeus’s chest and his ears were pinned back.
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Praise for the Book
"Great start to an awesome series."
"Couldn't put this one down."
"A compelling read. Fantasy at its best."
"This is one of those rare books that once I started reading I didn't want to put it down. Just had to see what was next and was never disappointed."

About the Author
I'm Ken Lozito, and I write fantasy, science fiction, and thriller adventure stories. The only thing I enjoy more than reading a great book is writing them. My main focus is to write books that I would like to read and I hope you enjoy them as well.