Sunday, June 19, 2016

Quote of the Week by Lucy Adams

Quote of the Week
by Lucy Adams

Instead of our usual Quote of the Week, today we have a special guest post by Lucy Adams featuring fifteen storytelling quotes by famous authors.

Guest Post by Lucy Adams
Amazing Storytelling Quotes
Some people like to start their day with a famous quote by a famous person. These quotes are not just well-said words: they can inspire, improve your mood, help you to pursue your dreams and to stay focused on your goals. It is always good to learn from the best, and people who’ve played their part in shaping the world can definitely be called the best. Therefore, why not learn something from their experience?
Names like Leo Tolstoy, Lewis Carroll, and Alan Moore are probably familiar to you. Do you want to learn more about the way these writers were thinking? Well, now you can do so! Their amazing quotes surely can encourage.
If you want to write or to spend your life doing some art, you’ll definitely find your inspiration in these sayings. They are brilliant and, at the same time, they allow you to understand how these writers worked, polished their skills, gained necessary courage and experience, made important decisions, etc. These quotes are reflections of the writers’ view of life and their thoughts about people.
That’s why you should go to BuzzEssay and read these quotes from 15 amazing and talented writers, known all over the world. Learn from the best and motivate yourself to create something great!

About the Author
Lucy Adams is a blogger from BuzzEssay. She’s just started her activity on the platform, so now she’s open to all your suggestions and ideas. Lucy has a huge background in marketing, blogging, design, and, of course, writing. Feel free to ask Lucy for a high-quality paper.