Sunday, February 14, 2016

"The Pages Between Us" by Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom

The Pages Between Us
by Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom

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Told in letters, posters, blog posts, homework assignments, and more, The Pages Between Us is a totally fun, totally earnest snapshot of middle grade friendship - and what it truly means to be there for someone during the ups, downs, and everything in between.
Piper and Olivia have been best friends since … well, forever. But they’re distressed to find that their new middle school schedules aren’t giving them enough together-time. Luckily, an idea sparks when Piper finds a cute, sparkly notebook to disguise as her "French Class" homework. It’s genius - now the two BFFs can stick together all the time. And document their adventures - you know, for anthropology’s sake.
But as the two navigate the tricky new world of sixth grade, they realize that they may need to branch out more than they originally thought. Their notebook, once a life raft, begins to feel like a big responsibility. Can they grow up, without growing apart?

Here's a sneak peek at the interior of the book.

Praise for the Book
"Leavitt and Mellom’s humorous and perceptive tale deftly explores the quandary of how to sustain a cherished friendship while nurturing individual growth." ~ Kirkus Reviews
"A cousin to Rachel RenĂ©e Russell’s Dork Diaries … this is a gentler version of middle school, as the girls support each other through familiar trials … will be enjoyed by strong readers eager to devour realistic fiction with a multimedia slant." ~ School Library Journal

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
Having just recently started middle school, best friends Piper and Olivia now find that they only have one class together. They don't even get to share lunch! The sparkly blue notebook becomes their lifeline - practically the only way they can communicate with each other. Unfortunately, the notebook ends up documenting the bittersweet breakdown of their best-friendship; we can literally see it imploding before our very eyes. It started out as something that would bring them closer together, but will the notebook end up tearing them apart?
This is an interesting concept for a book, with Lindsey Leavitt writing as Piper and Robin Mellom writing as Olivia. The authors channel their inner 11-year-olds and manage to give each girl a distinctive character and voice. Full of humor, cute notes, photos, school newsletters, blog entries, flyers, drawings, and even pelican poop, this book is absolutely charming.
A must-read for all middle school BFFs.

About the Authors
Lindsey Leavitt is a former elementary school teacher and present-day writer/mom/party animal (not to be confused with her spirit animal, which is a lion). She lives with her family in the Utah mountains.

Robin Mellom has taught grades 5 through 8 and has a master’s degree in education. She lives with her husband and son on the Central Coast of California.
The Pages Between Us started with Robin saying to Lindsey, "So I have this book idea. It’s a notebook. Between best friends." Robin and Lindsey - two real-life friends - started writing emails to each other in the voices of their characters and within a few months they’d written an actual novel-size amount of emails. They have other emails about those emails, but those are TOP SECRET. Nowadays you can find them clicking away on their laptops, writing more letters to each other. Lindsey is probably eating a snickerdoodle. Robin is probably cleaning the cat litter.

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