Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Possessed" by Delilah Packet

A Medieval Tale of Sex and Horror
by Delilah Packet

Possessed is the debut novel by author Delilah Packet. Delilah joins me today to share an excerpt from the book.

Don't mess with this evil witch - run-of-the-mill medieval horrors are kindergarten games to her.
Love, Sex, Romance. But all these things will lead you to Medieval Horror. Can you cope with it? Not for the faint-hearted.
Edwina moves into a five hundred year old cottage and inadvertently enters a time warp, which takes her back to Medieval England, where she meets Edward, her former self from a previous incarnation.
Edward is a man who firmly believes he is evolving at a spiritual level; however, he also believes that his need for sexual gratification may hold him back. Being submissive and enjoying being chastised, he hopes that his deep thoughts about this do not lead him to being chastised in a severe manner.
Whilst working for Queen Anne of Scotland, Edward realises that his sexual thoughts about being chastised in a moderate way, are now manifesting in an unbearable continuous series of events which are played out by him being restrained naked in a medieval pillory.
He eventually understands that thoughts are real forces, and forces that eventually lead him to the Scottish Maiden, the Scottish name for Guillotine.
Discovering more about herself than she could have ever thought possible, Edwina unknowingly draws an evil entity back into the Twenty First Century, which she finds virtually impossible to eradicate from her body.
The entity, named The Tigress, wants to take her place and marry Jack, Edwina's fiancé and has the magic to make it happen, so she sends Edwina's consciousness into a dimension that is void of matter. Edwina tries to get back home, but that may prove hard without a body or sentient thought. In the meantime the Tigress forces Jack to be her sex slave.


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About the Author
Reading extensively about the horrors of Medieval England, Delilah Packet realised very quickly that the respect we had in this period for our fellow men was virtually nil. Torture chambers of numerous types were to be seen everywhere. There were public hangings and floggings, and also implements that were designed to inflict the worst pain possible, such as people being sawn in half, and hung, drawn and quartered whilst still alive.
In addition to the torture that people were forced to endure, Delilah became aware that Medieval England was known to be very raunchy. Henry the VIII, King of England, even demanded that commoners must send their wives to sleep with him, and if they objected, they would suffer some horrible fate.
Knowing all of these things, Delilah became aware that not many people these days knew of these facts, and that many think that this period was really not much different to modern-day England. Consequently she decided to enlighten people by way of this novel, which takes the reader to the edge of their seats and to a nail-biting climax.