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"Mood Swings and Diamond Rings" by Carolyn Reynolds

Mood Swings and Diamond Rings:
The Gemini Woman
(Zodiac Woman Romance Book 2)
by Carolyn Reynolds

The Zodiac Woman Romance series features the signs of the zodiac and their related archetypes within the story lines. Written in a modern, approachable chick-lit tone, these novels are fun and unique, but also filled with nuggets of relationship advice derived from the ancient wisdom of astrology. Mood Swings and Diamond Rings is the second book in this by Carolyn Reynolds. Also available: High Heels and Train Wrecks (read my blog post).

The author stops by today for a special guest post and to share an excerpt from the book. You can also read my review and enter our exclusive giveaway for a chance to win a piece of astrological jewelry (US only) and an ebook copy of Mood Swings and Diamond Rings.

There are two sides to every Gemini's story.
Beth is a human tornado. She has two vocations, two lovers, and two dozen wigs. College student by day, pole dancer by night, she’s MENSA material ... except when it comes to men, in particular the 7’2” club regular she nicknamed Adonis. Tall, dark and mysterious, and even funnier than he is good-looking, the Sagittarius is everything she’s ever wanted - or is he? Her other option is a scientific and stable Capricorn with a heart of gold. Heart awhirl, Beth must finally decide if she believes in love at first sight. She’s about to be swept off to Las Vegas, where every suit will turn up diamonds.

Getting dressed for an appointment with equipment gurus I heard the phone ring. I was half out the door when I decided to answer. I had no thought of him at that moment.
The Universe always gives you the call you’ve been waiting for when you least expect it. Like when you are in the shower. Or your current boyfriend calls when your ex is on the other line.
When you expect it, like a call out of the blue, Dr. Carl Jung says it is synchronicity. Synchronicity is the phenomena from the area of parapsychology, prevision, premonition and even extends to astrology. You know it is coming and then it arrives like that chemistry assignment you’ve been dreading or the best news you’ll ever get, it depends. The one sure thing is that you can feel it before it happens.
Synchronicity is also present in psychotherapy, which I certainly needed right then.
When you don’t expect it is called a reality wreck, mind distort, and cranial contortion. When I picked up the unknown number and heard the Tall Ones’ voice I almost snapped my neck, aka cranial scramble.
I was like the dime at the shopping center vortex machine going down, down, down into that swirling energy vacuum.
“Hi there beautiful. How are you today?” He sounded like Scott Eastwood looked. Yummy.
“Fine. I’m just fine. And, hi.” I sounded like I was on some narcotic. My voice was sluggish and slurred. No energy. I sounded like I needed of Red Bull just to get my lips moving. I was talking like everything I was not, dull, and slow. 
I needed a reboot.
I began again. “Hi there, how are you. Sorry about that I thought you were, ah, calling from the dental office. I, ah, needed an appointment.”
I lied because I had to. I didn’t want him to think that he had any effect on me. If he knew, I would be defenseless. Men take advantage when they feel you like them too much or you like them more than they like you. I learned that in grade school. 
Any swagger I had was gone the moment I realized he finally called. We’ve all had that call at one point in our lives. Like the world revolves around it.
“Does it hurt?” He sounded concerned.    
“Ah, the tooth. No. Not hurt. Just a little bit maybe.”  
“Did you take something for it? You sound different?”
Had I fooled him? This tooth thing could work out long term. It could come and go as I weaved in and out of faintheartedness.
“I was going to ask you out to dinner tonight, but perhaps you aren’t feeling up to it.”
“Actually, I think dinner would help and I’d love to go?” I almost leapt through the phone. 
“Let’s do it then. Where would you like to go? Any favorite places?”
“I like pretty much any kind of food. Greek, Italian, French. What about you?”
“Well, for someone special, I like Elements in Scottsdale. Awesome views and exotic Asian mixed with really fine dining. It is romantic and world class like you Beth.”
This guy. This guy is knocking me out with his sweet talk that doesn’t sound like flattery but straight out truth. He could sell me that bridge. I’d buy real estate on the moon from him. I’d do just about anything but totally believe in him. That was not yet an option. Not sure why but law of averages, past experience, Google odds, and logic prevailed.
I thanked God that I was still able to remain steadfast in my distrust.  But then we hadn’t had dinner yet, had we?
We talked a little longer and I went right to the closet for the dress.  You know the dress. The one every woman buys for that night or day when nothing less than that outfit will do. Like Scarlett in her red velvet that said, “Yes, I did kiss Ashley and I don’t regret or deny a thing.” Or the dress that says, “I could stop the gallery staring in front and around the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. You can’t remember Mona but you’ll never forget the dress”.
It was black and white: Italian designed, abstract floral, sleeveless with fit and flare. Tight but not too tight, and flared at the hips to let everyone see that I do have hips.  
I figured that if I was off my game, lost my strut or animus at least I would be mysteriously artsy, or something dramatic like that. 
I had one glass of red wine before he arrived. I double checked my teeth to be sure I wasn’t red stained. I learned to do that from Hudson who forgot one time and it was as glaring as a piece of spinach in her eye tooth. I didn’t want to be that girl.
I was looking good.
Then when he arrived and I opened the door. He was in what looked like a gentlemen’s club pin stripped linen blazer. It looked tailored, the perfect fit. All he needed was a scotch in his hand and he’d be in a magazine.
I was officially over my head. I was about to stumble away and hope a glance from more of a distance wouldn’t blind me so much. It was as dangerous as looking at an eclipse of the sun, this sight of him.
He took me by the waist and moved in me a slight turn and said, “Well you’re a lethal looking little thing. You look like you could conquer Rome in that dress.”
His voice was hypnotic like a baby’s lullaby. He lowered his eyes a bit and gave me a look that made me realize that this was a man. Not a boy or a Mama’s boy but the kind of guy that wins all the bets, beds all the women, and breaks every heart.
I thought, “What the hell, you only live once”. I was changeable as accused.
Having made the decision that I’d rather die of a broken heart than die from not knowing what could have become of us I decided to throw caution to the wind this time.
I refrained from saying, “Ok let’s make it pyrotechnic and apocalyptic”.
I felt up to all 7 feet of him.
He’d brought me a gift. A mini bottle of vodka and some cotton balls. Told me to put some vodka on the cotton and let it soak around my aching tooth.  He was worried about my tooth ache. I thought it was the world’s sweetest gift. 
It also certainly was better than the last Sagittarian gift I’d received an art book and a banana.
We located the site of my fake tooth ache and he placed the alcohol wadded treatment in my mouth like a dentist. I pretended it felt better. 
I certainly felt better with his hands near my mouth.

My Review
Beth is a college student who moonlights as a pole dancer under the name Gemin' (because she's a Gemini). As a Gemini there are two sides to everything. Like the fact that she's in love with two men - her intellectual, astronomer boyfriend John and her tall, hot, pole dancing customer Don, to who she is instantly attracted. Beth meddles in the love lives of her friends Mac and Lin, all the white trying to juggle her feelings for two totally opposite men. Which one is the right man for Beth?
Beth is the cousin of Mackenzie, who featured in the previous book in this series, High Heels and Train Wrecks. Hudson also makes an appearance, along with her grandmother Drama. The characters once again rely on romantic advice from Drama's astrological readings and Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. Turns out there's even an astrological explanation for love at first sight!
The author maintains a humorous, sarcastic tone throughout, and throws in some great lines, both funny and romantic. A perfect Saturday night read with chocolate and a glass of wine.

Guest Post by the Author
The Astrology Behind Mood Swings and Diamond Rings
Mood Swings and Diamond Rings is about the Gemini woman who is delightfully part child no matter how smart or what age. And, Beth, aka Gemin’, is Mensa material except of course when it comes to men. Or, in particular the 7’2” man, oh what a man, who enters the Gentlemen’s Club where she works. She has 2 vocations, college student by day and pole dancer by night, 2 lovers, and two-dozen wigs. Her changing moods and temperaments leave her unable to trust the one thing she needs to be sure about, and that is that the phenomenon of love-at-first sight exists.
There is actually a love-at-first sight aspect in astrology. It’s when Uranus and the Sun Signs connect in two peoples charts. It’s real and it’s lasting. For those of you who have not yet experienced this, a thunderstruck love, it is why people marry after a few dates. Uranus is sudden, life changing and as crazy as loons.
Heroine: Beth, her given name, and Gemin’ her stage name, is the Sun Sign of Gemini. She’s whimsical, blowing in and out of people’s lives, and while everyone knows something about her, no one knows her composite until Adonis. He loves the summation of parts and can’t wait for a life of continual fascination with her.
It is her orange-red hair and beautiful grace when dancing that first attracts her mystery man she nicknames Adonis. Like everything else in her life she has two options: Scientific, stable and overgrown Capricorn Momma’s boy with a heart of gold or the Sagittarius who weaves in and out of her life and heart. Drama, the mother figure to all the girls, is wise as always but still playing the dating game. At her age! She is the human tornado that enters the picture and blows everyone to Kansas, or in this case Las Vegas, creating more twists and turns than Gemin’ on the pole. 
Hero: He goes by the name of Don. That’s about all she knows in the beginning because he works for a government agency and can’t reveal his occupation. His physical attributes are many: long and lean, lanky and lusty. He doesn’t dwell much on his looks as he is too busy being something of a delightful clown, enjoying life and loving women. He’s left a string of broken hearts as many Sagittarius do, because the women didn’t listen when he say he’s not ready for marriage. They only see him with their hearts. Yet, when he sees Beth, aka Gemin’, he falls into love as easily as a dime spirals in a vortex machine, or a plane disappears over the Bermuda Triangle. He is ready to commit and, in fact, sets up an elaborate ploy to lead her down the alter.
Location of story: Palm Springs, Hollywood, California, Phoenix Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Gemini woman is always ready for travel and adventure.

About the Author
Carolyn Reynolds is the internationally published author of the pioneering astrological relationship book, The Book of Lovers. She was chosen to complete the unfinished manuscript of the late astrologer and multi-million bestselling author Linda Goodman, and as such co-authored Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs. Reynolds was also asked to edit selected writings of Goodman's Twelfth Night Secrets, and to write monthly astrology forecasts for Linda Goodman Newsletters in 1998.
Ms. Reynolds also authored Astrology on the Job and the time-travel romance novel, Elvis and Tutankhamen: The Kings of Memphis. She has appeared on network television and hundreds of national and international radio programs, including acting as a consulting astrologer and on-air personality. In addition, she filmed a segment of Unsolved Myteries (Born to Kill) and The Other Side. She was featured in the infomercial for the late Linda Goodman's Astrology Reports. She has made a guest appearance on Dr. Drew, America Online Celebrity Chat Room, and has been a CNN Radio affiliate co-host and guest host.
She lives in Arizona with her husband Patrick, their soft-coated Wheaten terrier, and a little Westie and Chihuahua mix that is the head of the household.

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