Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Small Town Terror" by Kathryn J. Bain

Small Town Terror
(KT Morgan Book 2)
by Kathryn J. Bain

Small Town Terror, the second book in the KT Morgan series, has just been released and is available for only $0.99. Author Kathryn J. Bain stops by today to share an excerpt from the book. Also available: The Visitor.

Strangers are a rare commodity in Bisby, a small town fading away in a quiet corner of North Carolina. Liz Corman runs the town's diner while her husband Billy tends to the auto shop next door. When KT Morgan's vehicle breaks down, Liz reluctantly offers the intriguing stranger the use of their spare room. The drama that unfolds with KT's arrival is nothing compared to what awaits Liz and the town folk, as three men head their way with revenge and murder on their agenda.

Video for Book 1, The Visitor

August 16
9:16 a.m.
No person held more power than one who caused terror in the eyes of another. Father had proved those words more than once. He’d proved it with each slash of the willow stick against Ruger’s bare buttocks for infractions ranging from wetting his pants at the age of three during a severe thunderstorm to the extra piece of candy snuck at Christmas. When he’d turned twenty-one, Ruger burned that willow tree down and made his father realize what a real beating was like.
Three years and several dead bodies later, Ruger stood in a clearing in the Virginia woods a mile from the road. He swiped his arm across his sweaty forehead. Hot already and still early morning. It’d only get worse as the day wore on.
He kept the gun aimed at the terrified middle-aged woman’s forehead. The name tag on her blouse read Nancy, and her brown apron, stained from the diner where they’d kidnapped her the night before, still clung around her oversized waist. Her tongue swiped over her lips. Little doubt she’d said a quick prayer that every dollar of her ransom lay in the paper sack on the ground.
“Is it all there?” Ruger asked.
“Yeah.” His brother Colt tossed the last batch of twenties into the suitcase in the back of the trunk of the Chevrolet Camaro they’d stolen in Maryland. He laughed. “Five grand. Wahoo. You did it.”
“Gotta love small towns.”
The wind rustled the leaves like paper being crumpled. Slick sweat coated Ruger’s palm, but he had no concern the gun might slip. He’d grown up in the hottest part of Texas, where he’d learned to shoot.
“Can I go now?” Nancy’s voice shook.
A smile wavered over Ruger’s lips.
The woman let loose a sob. A tear dropped, dotting the upper part of her tennis shoe. Ruger considered releasing her, so she could relive this moment in her dreams. Better yet, her nightmares.
“We got the money,” his friend Oscar said. “Let’s get out of here.”
While Ruger ran the operation, Oscar played lookout. And Colt, he was not only back-up, but family. And you didn’t dump family, unless they were no longer of any use to you.
“Come on.” Oscar waved his hand toward the car for them to follow. “Before someone comes looking for us.”
If it weren’t for Oscar’s good looks, Ruger would never have taken up with him. But every woman they’d met from Maine to Virginia couldn’t wait to spread her legs for Oscar’s blond-haired, blue-eyed charm.
And Oscar had no problem sharing.
The woman’s stare fixated on Ruger. Her fingers trembled in front of her face. The sun glinted off the stainless steel barrel of the Ruger SR9C. Father’s idea of a joke. He figured if he named his sons after a weapon, it would make them tough. His philosophy worked well for Ruger. However, Colt never learned to do more than take a beating.

Praise for the Book 1, The Visitor
"Kathy Bain delivers the goods in her short fiction, The Visitor. She writes from the viewpoint of the perpetrator as well as the intended victim. The tension builds with each page. Her characters are dynamic and true to life." ~ Ruth Ann Hixson
"Terrifying suspense. [...] I could not put this book down." ~ Donna Jean
"Oh my goodness!! I couldn't put it down. It was a very suspenseful read. Ms. Bain has never disappointed me. Can't wait for the next one from this talented author!" ~ Ginnykay
"This short story makes you want to check your closet every time you come home! I loved reading from the perspective of the killer. Great job, Kathryn Bain!" ~ Robin
"Mystery, edge-of-the-seat suspense. Good to curl up with by a nice fire with a glass of your favorite wine or a steamy cup of hot chocolate." ~ Elizabeth Sinclair
"Great read! Couldn't put it down until the end!" ~ D Curtiss
"Many layers to this book. [...] Bain weaves a compelling tale with deeply engaging characters." ~ JaxJournalist

From the Author
Writing Clean Fiction with an Edge!
I was born in Spokane, Washington, then immediately shipped to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where I lived until the ripe age of 19 when I graduated from North Idaho Jr. College. I then packed my bags and moved to Boise where I lived for two years until I could no longer tolerate the winter weather.
Once my toes hit the sand in Florida, there was no turning back. I have lived in Jacksonville for over 26 years where I am a Florida Certified Registered Paralegal. I have worked in the legal field for over twenty years specializing in guardianship, probate and estate planning. I am also the mother of two grown daughters.
My first book, Breathless, was released January 2012. Since then, I have had six other releases. I enjoy writing mystery, suspense, and humor. I am what they call a hybrid author because I publish both traditionally with a publisher, and I self-publish. The Visitor is my first self-published book. It wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be.