Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Sherlock Academy" by F. C. Shaw

Sherlock Academy
(Sherlock Academy Book 1)
by F. C. Shaw

Sherlock Academy is the first book in the series of chapter books suitable for children ages 8 to 12. This book blast and giveaway is brought to you by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

Teachers in disguise, secret libraries, hollow books ...
All these and more await eleven-year-old Rollie Wilson at the mysterious Sherlock Academy of Fine Sleuths.
When Rollie and his best friend, Cecily, are invited to attend a school where children learn the art of detection just like the great Sherlock Holmes, they discover a strange burglary has been committed and a mystery is afoot. Determined to investigate, Rollie discovers that appearances can be deceiving, the truth can be hurtful, and friends sometimes turn into foes.
Does Rollie have what it takes to follow in Holmes’s footsteps? Can he use his skills to solve the mystery and save the school from an unknown villain?

The letter arrived by courier during breakfast.
“Go on, Rollie, read it aloud to us.” Mrs. Wilson, his mother, nudged his shoulder.
Rollie stared at the letter in his hand, his brown eyes wide with excitement.
“Who would send him mail?” Edward, an older brother, snorted.
“I don’t even get mail and I have a girlfriend,” Stewart, Edward’s twin, added.
“Maybe that’s it!” Edward exclaimed, grinning his lopsided smile. “Got a secret girlfriend, Rollie? I’ll bet it’s Cecily Brighton!”
“I wish I’d get a letter,” Lucille, a younger sister, pouted.
“Me too!” Daphne, her twin, chimed.
“Find a boyfriend and you’ll get mail,” Edward quipped.
Stewart slapped a high-five with his twin. The two teens snickered and elbowed each other.
“Stop it, boys. Let Rollie read it aloud,” Mrs. Wilson scolded as she brushed Rollie’s sandy-blond hair with her fingers.
Rollie cleared a dry throat unnecessarily. In a high voice common to boys of eleven years, Rollie read the letter aloud. When he was finished, the entire Wilson family started talking at once with high-handed opinions, as was their custom.
“Whoever heard of the Sherlock Academy?”
“Why Tuesday?”
“It’s the first of the month.”
“I want a letter!”
“Me too!”
“Get a boyfriend.”
Amidst all the banter around the breakfast table, Rollie sat silently regarding his hash browns, the only food he ever ate for breakfast. His middle fluttered with butterflies.

Praise for the Book
"For anyone who’s ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, this is your chance." ~ Adam Glendon Sidwell, Bestselling Author of Evertaster
"My students love this book, and have asked for it again and again. It makes them feel as if they are in the story; they keep wanting to know what might happen next. Delightful story that invites anyone who loves mystery to dig in and figure it out!" ~ Amazon Customer

About the Author
F. C. Shaw started writing stories when she was eight years old. She loves children’s stories, Sherlock Holmes, and mysteries, so had to write a book combining all three. She spends her afternoons writing for kids, and her nights dreaming of new stories. She lives with her husband and two sons in a home they have ambitiously dubbed The Manor in California. When she’s not plotting stories, she teaches visual arts in local schools and enjoys a good game of Scrabble.

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