Monday, March 30, 2015

"Kaylen's Rising" by Yves Robichaud

Kaylen's Rising
(Tomes of Taria Book 1)
by Yves Robichaud

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Kaylen has been in the dark for fourteen years – in every sense. His people are hunted, so they must struggle to survive within underground caves. His community despises his family, taunting him constantly. His parents keep him housebound, forbidding him from wielding sword or wand.
When he is finally allowed to attend school, the harsh truth reveals he has much to learn – including a unique magical ability. Kaylen can summon and control skeletons!
With surface-dwellers threatening war, he will need every friend he can make, and to stay true to himself if he is to survive what is to come.

Book Video

Chapter 3: Kaylen summons his first skeleton
As Kaylen repeated the words, the strangest thing happened. The earth in Kaylen’s hand started moving. At first it was very slow but then much quicker, in a circular motion like a tiny tornado. The small twister then hopped off of Kaylen’s hand and headed straight for the ground. Once it hit the ground, it disappeared into the floor.
As this was the first sign that Kaylen had any magical powers, he was smiling brightly when he asked the professor what was going on.
“Wait,” said the professor, not looking up at the boy. His eyes were still trained on the floor.
Suddenly, the ground started shaking. In the middle of the floor where the dirt had disappeared, a skeleton hand popped out from the ground. Then a second skeleton hand popped out. The hands seemed to brace themselves on the floor to pull up the rest of the body as the head, torso, and, eventually, the legs magically appeared from below. The full skeleton stood up in the middle of the room. It was at least six feet tall, with sparkling white bones, and… strangely enough… it had Kaylen's bright green eyes.

Praise for the Book
"Remember that magical feeling you experienced when you entered a fantasy world – for example the one in Harry Potter? That’s exactly what you will get reading Kaylen’s Rising." ~ Roxana Turcitu, for Review Worm
"Kaylen’s journey to self-awareness is finely woven through his exciting adventures. Readers of all ages will enjoy this fantastical coming-of-age tale." ~ Paige W. Pendleton, author of The Keeper and the Runestone
"Kaylen’s Rising is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure with a full cast to thrill the young fantasy reader; dwarves, elves, humans, witches, vampires and more grace the pages of this book." ~ Jen Barton, author of Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell
"Kaylen’s Rising took on the form of a classic; magical adventure that surprisingly reminded me of the Hobbit. It had one of those real effortless qualities, where you almost flew through the pages … " ~ Eddie for The Book Gazer
"I felt Kaylen’s pain and joy, I felt Turin’s awesomeness, I felt Avery’s hatred and I felt just about what every character felt. For a shining moment (that is the entire duration of the book), I lived in another world." ~ Trisha Dawn Daffon for Readers’ Favorite (5 star review)
"Yves pens Kaylen’s Rising in a action packed magical fantasy plot filled with witches, elves, dragons and more interesting and well written characters. A nice fast paced read that will keep your child captivated. A must read for all YA readers." ~ My cozy corner book reviews

About the Author
Yves Robichaud is originally from the small Acadian community of Grand-Barachois, New Brunswick, Canada. He has studied Business Administration and Information Technology, currently works for the federal government, and is the proud father of one son: Jeremy. Inspired by a love of fantastical, magical tales, Kaylen's Rising is Yves' first attempt to share this literary passion with his son and the rest of the world.

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