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"Aarabassa World: Series One" by Catherine L. Vickers

Aarabassa World:
Series One
by Catherine L. Vickers

Catherine L. Vickers has just released Aarabassa World: Series One. For more information about the books included in this volume, please see my previous blog posts on each book: Guardian Dragons (read my blog post), Flight of a Changeling (read my blog post), and Blood Bride (read my blog post).

Upon this world one half is dark and the other is light. A Magic Wall divides the darker characters out of the Lightlands.
Only the Guardian Dragons and the Changeling can pass through the Wall. When the dragons over hear vamplins plotting to attack the Lightlands, the dragon Queen seeks the help of the Ancient Mage.
Three young Princes have grown up alongside the Changeling, a female mage. Their world will soon change as they are destined for different adventures.
Prince Raphael is taken on a pilgrimage to heal his illness, by Rikka the herbal nurse, but all is not as it seems.
Prince Amos and Prince Leon must depart on separate quests. Their mission is to warn the other races of dwarves, centaurs, merpeople and many other creatures, of the impending attack.
The evil monshaad Emperor entices the Changeling to the Darklands, where he plans to capture her magical essence. The vamplin Lord has other ideas.
All upon Aarabassa are preparing for battle.
Evil stirs, who will stop it?

The Lord Vamplin looked upon the weeping female vamplin with gentle curiosity. She was not yet aware of his presence. He could feel the pounding beat of his own heart pulsating fast. What was it about this female that stirred such an excitement within him? Her tears saddened him, he had no desire to see her so distressed. Should he intrude on her privacy in this way? Should he let her know of his arrival or should he slip quietly out again? When he was in her company, he did not want to be parted from her. He wanted to touch her, gently take her into his arms and comfort her. Never before had he experienced such feelings for any female. He had mated with the best of vamplin females so why should this human be any different? But, she was. She moved his heart and she aroused his groin.
His eagerness to protect her caused him to tread heavily, she heard his movement and turned her tear stained features to look upon him sadly.  Surprisingly, she did not stop weeping. Making no attempt to cease her tears, she simply wept some more.
On her part she felt she could trust him. He would care for her. He gently held her within his hardened muscular arms. This felt so right, it felt just. She belonged in this place, in his arms. She did not know how to tell him of her loneliness, of her worry for her own people. Heather nestled closer to Fiendrac. He smelled comforting, as if she had known him all of her life. Her tears trickled onto his chest as he tightened his hold and pulled her closer to his body. He hushed her sadness.
She peered up at his face for assurance. His pale features appeared handsome to her. Gentle eyes with thick strong lashes. His nostrils opened like a bulls as he breathed a quick sigh. She stared at his kissable shapely lips. He had a strong jawline, hinting at his warrior strength.
His head bent and he brushed those lips over her soft vamplin silky forehead. She tried to speak but sadness stuck in her throat. He shushed her with a low hushing sound and stroked his long pale fingers on her soft pale cheek.
Lifting her delicate chin, he gently touched her pale pink lips with his own. The force of that first gentle kiss increased to a passion that neither could control. Each stroked the others skin. Neither wanted the touching to end. The vibration of passion was felt through the loving touches of each others body. This was no magic trickery, only the magic of love. He never wanted to let her go again. His loins throbbed with a longing ache. Yet he did not wish to violate her without her consent.
She stroked her delicate feminine fingers down over his broadened shoulders. Unable to resist scratching his chest in her passion to reach down to his belly. She bent her head and wildly kissed and licked his salted chest. His skin was delicious. The aroma of a lusting male emanated from his sweat. He wanted her, of this she was sure. She desired to give her virginal honour to this stranger. She could not help herself.
How had they become so entwined. So easily vulnerable to each other.
‘My Lord,’ she tried to whisper.
She knew she must escape this entrapment. It was all a set up by the Emperor. Yet how? How could she quench these flames of desire. The more she tried to drowned them, the higher her urge to pull him closer, to touch, to feel his manliness.
‘Fiendrac,’ she tried again to communicate and break the spell.
‘Heather, I have never loved as I feel for you now,’ he breathed in her ear. His voice low and husky.
‘We must stop this Fiendrac,’ she moaned in response, but still unable to pull away.
His hand stroked the top of her inside leg. All her nerves twitched at this touch.
‘No, don’t make me stop,’ he moaned, ‘I want you forever, my love.’

You can read reviews of each book in this series in my previous blog posts: Guardian Dragons (read my blog post), Flight of a Changeling (read my blog post), and Blood Bride (read my blog post).

About the Author
Catherine L. Vickers lives on the borderline of North and West Yorkshire, the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales in England.
She is a mother of four children and a grandmother of two grandchildren. She has three dogs and one cat. Her wonderful husband assists her with the complicated world of computers that enable her to publish her works for the world to view.
Her reading is dedicated to the worlds within Fantasy Adventure, Urban Fantasy and Historical English Crime. Occasionally she turns to English Classics with Charles Dickens and the Brontë sisters being favourites.
By day she sells antique and vintage items (you can visit her eBay store by clicking the link below). By night she is busy creating and writing towards her new fantasy series, Aarabassa World. Part 1, Guardian Dragons, was released in February 2013. Part 2, Flight of a Changeling, was released in June 2013. Part 3, Blood Bride, was released December 2013. Aarabassa World: Series One, including all three books, has just been released.