Saturday, May 31, 2014

"The Sea Maiden" by Mary Speer

The Sea Maiden
by Mary Speer

"If LOVE was a GAME than she had to play to WIN!"
Read now how this spirited heroine fights for her freedom, her life and the love of the dashingly handsome but roguish captain trying to seduce her.
In 1790 a dying English Lord with a failing shipping business gives his daughter's hand in marriage to a wealthy Lord and colleague. Upon learning of her forced engagement and revelation of an older half-brother living in New England, the young woman flees aboard a trade ship bound to America with the help of friends. Disguised as a cabin boy she leaves behind a life of rich and plenty to endure sea sickness, toiling work and a crude environment in search of her brother. Along the way she encounters several obstacles including, highwaymen, pirates, a hurricane and the handsome but roguish captain who can break her heart while she tries to outrun his villainous older half-brother, hot in her pursuit.

“Captain Drake! Captain Drake!”
He looked up…it was Karina, even more beautiful in the moonlight, and coming straight toward him with her arm extended, and holding something shiny in her hand that he recognized as the missing gold cufflink. He increased his pace and as he reached for the cufflink with his left hand, the touch ignited him with a sudden desire to feel her soft full lips and in one swift moment, wrapped his right arm around her waist, arching her back slightly as he covered her lips with his own. The arresting moment caused Karina to let out a small moan as she fell into his fiery embrace. Sensing acceptance the kiss deepened.
A heated tingling sensation radiated through Karina at the unexpected intimate contact with the dashing Captain, a feeling so intense unlike anything she ever felt before. Gone was the earlier chill she had felt with the warmth of his body now pressed against hers. His lips were warm and smooth and tasted like red wine; she was momentarily frozen in time. Not wanting the euphoric moment to end, she slowly began to respond to his touch as she shyly placed her hands on his arms. Suddenly, she was awakened by a deep male voice calling her name.
“Karina!” Gunther called.
Frightened, Karina gasped and broke the embrace.

Featured Review
Enjoyable quick read that keeps you wanting to read til your finish. Loved it! Don't hesitate to add this to your library!

About the Author
Mary Speer is an esthetician/massage technician and recently became a commissioned Notary Public. The Sea Maiden is Mary's first novel. Mary lives in San Diego, California.