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"Talisa Santiago Series" by Jamie Haden

Talisa Santiago Series
by Jamie Haden

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Spirit Seeker:
Talisa Santiago Series Book One
by Jamie Haden

Life is strange and difficult for the granddaughter of a shaman. Sixteen-year-old Talisa Santiago was born in the desert underneath the full moon in January-the wolf moon. However, she left the desert with her mother when she was a young girl. She remembers bits and pieces of her past but it isn't until she and her mom move to a remote barrier island off the coast of North Carolina that she feels fate has finally called-secretive and mysterious he stands alone on the edge of the bank.
Her friends tell her to stay away; she hears rumors that he is dangerous. Still, she can't resist. Whether Talisa realizes it or not, she knows a thing or two about boys like Jag Chavez. Fate is funny that way. For the first time in her life, Talisa meets kids just like her-Native Americans who know the ways of the spirit. The closer she gets to Jag, the more she realizes he is hiding a dark secret. He may have the markings of the Thunderbird, but he is named for the powerful Jaguar. Together they embark on a journey that will haunt her forever.

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Featured Review
I really enjoyed reading Spirit Seeker, and I loved the supernatural storyline as well as the actual characters. It was amazing learning about all of the myths and legends that Talisa has grown up being told. I thought that that aspect of the book was really fun and original, and I can't wait to find out more.
Talisa was my favorite character, even though she was surrounded by a cast of amazing secondary characters, like Dakota. She's never really fit in anywhere and wants nothing more than to be liked and accepted, so in a way it felt like she grew in the course of the story.
All in all, Spirit Seeker, was an amazing read, and I'm really looking forward to the second one when it comes out! So I definitely recommend this one for a read or several, you won't be disappointed!


Illuminate-Alive, She Cried:
Talisa Santiago Series Book Two
by Jamie Haden

Seventeen-year-old Talisa Santiago, the pregnant Native American shifter and granddaughter of a shaman is about to begin the self discovering journey of a lifetime, taking her from the only place she truly remembers and putting her on sacred land. The trials and tribulations there lead her into what can only be described as truly illuminating. She also finds herself in a love triangle, one that throws her life into utter chaos. Leaving her to learn not only how to deal with her shape shifting abilities, a new baby and now two men who will both tug at her heart in very different ways. Who will she decide to live with and what will it mean for the rest of her journey?

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Note: The book cover has since been changed.

Featured Review
By kykimba
Illuminate-Alive, She Cried by Jamie Haden was a very good paranormal read. The granddaughter of a Shaman, Talisa Santiago goes to live with a clan of the Cherokees in the Smokey Mountains. So many secrets for her to uncover. Interesting characters, Native American beliefs, customs, shapeshifters, and danger lurked in the mountains. This was a real page turner!! I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I enjoyed Illuminate-Alive, She Cried and would recommend it to anyone who likes a paranormal story or wants to read about Native Americans.


Interview With the Author
Hi Jamie, thanks for joining me today to discuss The Talisa Santiago Series.
For what age group do you recommend your book?
Young adult to adult.
What sparked the idea for these books?
My daughters inspired me to write the first and second book. My oldest daughter was in the library complaining that there was nothing she wanted to read. She said everything bored her. I asked her if she'd be interested in something if I wrote it, especially if I wrote it for her and her sisters. She said she'd be very interested. That night I started Spirit Seeker.
Fantastic! So, Which comes first? The character's story or the idea for the novel?
For this series, it was the character's story for sure.
What was the hardest part to write in these books?
In Spirit Seeker the hardest part to write was when Talisa was attacked in the woods by Silas. It was especially hard to keep the writing it on a young adult level and not make it to graphic. 
How do you hope this book affects its readers?
I hope the readers see the world of Natives in a different light. Native Americans have beautiful traditions and a great respect for the land and the animals that live on it, but like so many of us they have such a difficult journey.
How long did it take you to write the books?
Both books came quick, only a few months. Once I started it was impossible to stop.
What is your writing routine?
I don't really have a special routine or schedule, but I do have to write in silence. I'm not one for public places. I burn a lot of incense when I write.
How did you get your books published?
I sent the complete manuscript of Spirit Seeker to my amazing publisher! I was humbly honoured that she loved the story.  
What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?
Believe in yourself!
What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I love to swim, hang out by the pool, and tan. I also have a very unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones. I can't get enough!
What does your family think of your writing?
They are very supportive.
Please tell us a bit about your childhood.
I had a great childhood, grew up in the mountains.
Did you like reading when you were a child?
I loved to read and I loved to write. I used to sneak my dad's Harold Robbins books all the time and read things I probably had no business reading. The Betsy was the first novel I read as a kid. I literally kept it in a brown paper bag so no one would see.  
You don't have to do that these days, with ebooks! When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I've always wanted to be a writer. Then again, everyone is a storyteller on some level.
Did your childhood experiences influence your writing?
Which writers have influenced you the most?
Harold Robbins, Kahlil Gibran, everything Plato, Poe, and King.
Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
I love my readers! I wouldn't be so motivated if it wasn't for all the support and encouragement.
What can we look forward to from you in the future?
I'm currently working on An Unimagined Life, the sequel to Illuminate-Alive, She Cried.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by today, Jamie. Best of luck with your future projects.

About the Author
Jamie Leigh Haden is the author of Spirit Seeker, a young adult fantasy. Jamie lives and writes near the seashore in North Carolina. She has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy. Jamie is currently working on An Unimagined Life, the sequel to Illuminate-Alive, She Cried.

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