Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Tinky and the Baby Butterflies" by Susan Spira

Tinky and the Baby Butterflies
by Susan Spira

Tinky and the Baby Butterflies is just one of Susan Spira's children's books featuring Tinky the Shih-Tzu. Also available: Tinky's Magic Cookies and Tinky and the Dragon.

A story to make little hearts futter with delight!
Take 1 unsuspecting babysitter.
Add 2 "sweet" baby butterflies.
And open window.
And the adventure begins!
Tinky, a sweet Shih-Tzu doggie girl agrees to help out Mommy Butterfly and babysit her two babies, Betty and Bertie. Babysitter Tinky gets a little more than she bargains for with the rambunctious butterfly babies as an adventure on a grand scale ensues.
Sweet lovable characters, fun language, silly situations, a little suspense, but not scary, plus enchanting illustrations by Julie Leiman Weaver will engage your children to use their imagination and have a good giggle or two.
This is purely a fun story with wholesome characters and sweet dispositions. With an entertaining, joyful, giggle-filled story and endearing characters, Tinky and the Baby Butterflies is a book that your child will want to read over and over. And you'll be happy to join them.

Book Trailer


Tinky babysits Betty and Bertie Butterfly in Susan Spira's Tinky and the Baby Butterflies. Betty and Bertie are supposed to go to bed but they escape and go on an adventure. Tinky is worried because she cannot find them. Where should she look?
This is a delightful story for children 4-7. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful. Look at the drawings. There are things hidden in the drawings. Tinky has a unique way to find Betty and Bertie and, of course, Betty and Bertie are afraid of Tinky telling how bad they were. They are typical young'uns to whom your children will be able to relate. Their reactions are the same. This is a fun read.

About the Author
Susan Spira. Writer. Lover. Life-Enthusiast. Her readers call her a "breath of fresh air" with a zany, down-to-earth "tell it like it is" style and a passion for personal reflection, inspiration, and daily laughter. Susan is an everywoman who embraces her life, her joy, and her best. She lives in Arizona and believes the best life is a shared life.