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"The Prophecy: Secrets of Shadow Hill Book 2" by S. P. Cervantes

The Prophecy:
Secrets of Shadow Hill Book 2
by S. P. Cervantes

The Prophecy is the second book in the Secrets of Shadow Hill series. Also available: Always and Forever (read my previous blog post and interview with the author). Book 3, War of Wizards, is in the works.

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Ava Fox has spent the past year acclimating to her new life as a wizard of Shadow Hill. Over the past year, her connection with Dalton has only grown stronger. They share a bond she has never known before and can't explain.
The danger is still there, even after the Sabatino coven was defeated, and Ava's future is anything but sure. Her powerful relationship with Dalton continues to make others wonder about the Prophecy, and their place in it. Time and again Ava's loyalty and strength will be put to the test as she fights for those she loves.
There are many more secrets of Shadow Hill that will be revealed in The Prophecy.

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I instantly felt guilty when Ava brought up Erin. I assumed it was because of last night at the water tower, but I was not going to let it bother me. That was Ava, never knowing exactly what she wanted. The hardest part in all of this is I know she loves me. I know it. I feel it. It just isn’t enough, and never will be. She and Dalton are fated. After seeing them together in the battle, I knew that the Prophecy was true. You could see how much more powerful they were than any other. And when Ava and Hannah combined their powers with Dalton’s, they were unstoppable. I believe they have the power to stop anything together.
I still wasn’t sure of my place in Ava’s life, but was certain that something inside me pulled me to her when she was in danger, and I will always be there to protect her. I left Shadow Hill to try and move on; because Ava Fox is not someone you get over. You just have to move on with that hole in your heart forever.

No sophomore slump here, this book was as good as the first.
Again, I loved reading about the magic of Ava and Dalton, how they have grown as a couple. But like the first book, there are other wizards out there that do not use their magic “for the greater good” and want to use Ava’s power themselves.
I loved reading about other covens around the world, their powers, their people.
And again, the love triangle is front and center. This one has the added bonus of being written from three different points of view. Not too many authors can pull that off with each character sounding distinct from the others, but Ms. Cervantes does it very well.
Much more thrilling that the first one, much more development of Ava as a character.
Again, very YA.
Overall, I very much enjoyed this installment. looking forward to the next.

About the Author
S. P. Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children, where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel.
S. P. Cervantes is the author of the highly rated new adult romantic fantasy series Secrets of Shadow Hill. Always and Forever and The Prophecy are the first two books in the series that are available now. The third book in the series, War of Wizards, will be released in 2014.
S. P. Cervantes also has a contemporary romance series, A Broken Fairy Tale, in the works and has just released the first book of the series, Dust to Dust.
S. P. Cervantes has a B.S. in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Education.

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