Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"A Chance at Love (A Ferry Creek Novel)" by Karolyn James

A Chance at Love
(A Ferry Creek Novel)
by Karolyn James

A Chance at Love is the first in the new Ferry Creek series by Karolyn James. Also available: A Place to Heal.

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A simple phone call can change your life ... just ask successful businessman Sullivan Chasen.
When the caller shares the news that Sullivan's father is dying, Sullivan laughs and hangs up. He isn't being heartless, he just knows that it can't be true - because his father already passed away ... ten years ago.
Like a bad dream, the calls keep coming and DNA results turn Sullivan's world upside down. There is only one way, and very little time, to figure out the truth. He packs his bags for the small town of Ferry Creek, North Carolina.
Once Sullivan arrives, he must confront a past he never knew existed, including a half-brother who lives above their family diner. The longer he spends away from his wealthy lifestyle and successful business, the more he falls in love with the small town, its community ... and waitress, Jess Winthorne.
Can Sullivan Chasen go back to his normal life after learning about his past or will he discover the missing piece of his heart in Ferry Creek?

By Lynn J
I am giving this book five stars, but this series already deserves a higher rating! Sullivan Chasen is definitely not the typical, overrated kind of billionaire that everyone else is writing about. HE is a hard worker, generous, broken, and in need of answers. When you learn about the people of Ferry Creek, you immediately want to visit there and eat at The Pot Diner! I'm very curious if Ferry Creek is based off an actual town, because I would love to go! The characters' stories are so well developed and flow so smoothly throughout the book, that you know what everyone is doing and can't put the book down until you know what is going to happen next! I highly recommend this brand new series by an already established bestseller, Karolyn James!

Interview with the Author
Hi Karolyn, thanks for joining me today to discuss your new book, A Chance at Love (A Ferry Creek Novel).
For what age group do you recommend your book?
Adult … 18-50.
What sparked the idea for this book?
I wanted to bring to life a small town and turn it into a romance series.
Which comes first? The character's story or the idea for the novel?
Both for me. I usually have an idea that runs along with one of the characters.
What was the hardest part to write in this book?
Having Sullivan finally meet his father and learn the truth of his childhood.
How do you hope this book affects its readers?
I hope it gives them hope! The story is about accepting change, finding true love where you least expect it, and it’s about family.
How long did it take you to write this book?
A few months.
What is your writing routine?
I write from 5am-noon. Then I write again at night.
What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?
I would say… write a lot. And read a lot.
What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I love to read. I like spending time with family and friends. Right now I’m wishing for spring so I can get outside and garden!
What does your family think of your writing?
My children are too young to read, lol. My other family are diehard fans of Brothers of Rock and Ferry Creek.
That's great, Karolyn. Please tell us a bit about your childhood.
My childhood was very boring. I read a lot of books and dreamt of becoming a writer. High school was fun, as it is for most people. I went through love, heartache, and tragedy … all of which reflects in my writing.
Did you like reading when you were a child?
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When I finished my first Judy Blume novel. J
Did your childhood experiences influence your writing?
Oh, yes. I think all childhood experiences influence all writers in some way.
Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
I LOVE being able to interact with my readers. They know I’m able to be reached via Facebook, Twitter, and email. I love reading their thoughts on Brothers of Rock and Ferry Creek. The best feeling is when they beg for more books!
What can we look forward to from you in the future?
Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to stop by today. Best of luck with your future projects.

About the Author
Karolyn James is the author of several bestselling series. With over 100,000 ebooks sold, Karolyn has seen success in both romance and in erotic romance. Her current series include the smash hit Brothers of Rock romance series.
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In 2014, the Brothers of Rock series will continue with five more books following rock band, Fallen Tuesday! The first book, A Voice to Love, is now available.
Karolyn is also the author of the Ferry Creek series, currently comprised of A Chance at Love and A Place to Heal.
Karolyn James also writes under the pen name, Claire Charlins, writing western romances in the Mail Order Romance series.