Thursday, October 3, 2013

"My Dad is a Great Man" by Zehavit Tzarfati

My Dad is a Great Man
by Zehavit Tzarfati

A young boy spends his morning in his father’s study, finding clues that help him to learn more about all the great things his father can do. But when his Dad tells him what he really does with all those things, the young boy feels more proud of his Dad than ever.
This delightful and well-illustrated children's book for kids aged 3 to 9 years old is sure to inspire young children to appreciate the things their fathers can do. Enjoy reading this book to your child as a bedtime or anytime story. Older children learning to read will also enjoy this wonderful tale.

My father is a great man. The other day I found out about all the things he can do. He told me I could play in his study, as long as I didn't break anything. Let me tell you what I found.

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When the young narrator of the story examines his dad's study, he discovers evidence that his dad is a great man with many accomplishments. For example: a compass implied that his dad was a great explorer; a gold pen must mean his dad is a powerful businessman. When he asks his dad about what he's found, he learns that the truth is a bit more down to earth, but it means that his dad is even more than what he thought he was.
The illustrated story sends a message to youngsters that their parents don't have to be wealthy and famous to be proud of them. Parents loving their kids and teaching them what they need to know are enough. And reading them bedtime stories, too!

About the Author
Zehavit Tzarfati lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. She holds a BA in Psychology and Education, and a Masters in Public Policy. Zehavit loves animals and children, and it's this love that urged her to dedicate her time to writing stories for young children. Her tales are original and all of them feature eye-catching illustrations which aid young readers in understanding the text within each story.
Her books are written simplistically, yet not too simplistically as to be deemed childish by slightly older children. Ultimately, Zehavit offers wonderful reading material to parents who enjoy reading to their children and, at the same time, to children who are learning to read for the first time.