Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Bewitching Book Tours Magazine" - October 2013

Bewitching Book Tours Magazine
October 2013

Halloween thrills, chills and fun abound in our special Halloween double issue of Bewitching Book Tours Magazine. We have true tales of the paranormal, a guide to greening Halloween, Halloween crafts, and Halloween art by Brigid Ashwood and Ash Evans.
Articles and features include:
·       "When Humanity Slips" by Laura Bickle
·       "Hooray for Halloween" by Roxanne Rhoads
·       "Witchcraft, Writing, and Cooking" by Ann Gimpel
·       "The Fictional Characters I’m inviting to my Ultimate Halloween Party" by Paula Millhouse
·       "My Top 10 Favorite Vampires" by B. Patterson
·       "Hitchcock" by Kenya Carlton
·       "Weddings from the Dark Side" by Wenona Napolitano
·       "A Halloween Interview with the Witches from Paranormal Pleasures"
·       "Setting the Stage for Creepiness - Choosing the Perfect Locations for Story Settings" with Laura Bickle, Suzanne Johnson and Roxanne Rhoads
Flash fiction:
·       "Lenny Blue" by Jerry Bolduc
·       "The Party" by Charlie Daye
·       Boone Brux
·       Adrienne deWolfe
·       Candace Osmond
·       Charles O’ Keefe
·       Mark D Evans
We have some wonderful new items this month, like the Pin Up Files featuring an interview with model Ginger Kewl. We also have some wonderful photographs from Russ Turner Photography, Steven Jon Horner Photography, and Southern Allure Photography.
There is also a special feature with the "Glenwood Cemetery Scene from Hex and The Single Witch" showcasing custom book photography from Steven Jon Horner.