Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"I Am Afraid of the Dark!" by Mira Drori

I Am Afraid of the Dark!
by Mira Drori

A must-read good night book for any child afraid of the dark!
Does this sound familiar to you? "I am afraid of the dark!"
That's what Robin calls out every night, even after Mom reads him a bedtime story, tucks him in for the night, and gives him his last drink of water.
But one night as Mom reads Robin a new book, he meets a new friend, Sunbeam, and his nights are never the same as they travel on a special adventure.
I Am Afraid of the Dark!, the first book in the Adventures of Robin and Sunbeam series, is a sweet good night book written for children two to six years of age. Filled with beautiful illustrations by Anahit Aleksanyan, this book will help your child discover that bedtime is not something to be afraid of.
Your little one can even have fun finding the small elephants hidden throughout its pages or coloring in the free downloadable coloring booklet available with your order.
If your child won't stay in his or her own bed through the night, this is the book for you!
Your child will want to read this enchanting story again and again.

A sweet boy named Robin lived in a small white house in a little village.
Robin was a happy child. He liked going to Kindergarten, and he loved playing soccer.
But there was one thing Robin did not like.
Robin hated sleeping in his own bed because he was afraid of the dark!
Every bedtime it was always the same. Mom would tuck Robin into bed, read him a story, kiss him goodnight, and turn off the lights. But the moment the door closed, Robin would say, “Mom! I’m thirsty!” Or, “Mom! I have to use the bathroom!” Then when the door closed again, he would call, “I’m afraid of the dark! Can I sleep in your room tonight?
So every night Robin slept in his parents’ bed because he was too scared to sleep on his own.
One evening Mom said, “I've got a special story for you. It's called I Am Afraid of the Dark! I'll read it to you if you promise to sleep in your own bed tonight.” Robin was still afraid, but he really wanted to hear the new story. “Okay,” he replied.
Robin opened the book. On the first page there was a picture of the sun with bright yellow and orange beams of light. Suddenly, one of the sunbeams wiggled and quivered! “Would you like to take a ride with me?” Sunbeam asked.

Book Trailer

Mira Drori has inaugurated a new series of books she calls the Adventures of Robin and Sunbeam and if the subsequent books are a fine as this one, start collecting! Not only are Mira Drori's stories entertaining and well written, but they are also accompanied by excellent illustrations by Anahit Aleksanyan - brightly colored and real enough so that children can easily relate to them.
Robin is a happy child who loves kindergarten and playing soccer, but he doesn't like to go to bed at night - he is afraid of the dark. He coaxes his mother with requests until he finally gets to sleep in the safety of his parent's bed. But his wise mother finds a way to break this frustrating fear of Robin's and introduces a bedtime story book called I Am Afraid of the Dark! - promising to read it to Robin if he promises to sleep in his own bed. The special book, when opened, emits a sunbeam that jumps off the page and takes Robin on a trip to Africa where Robin sees monkeys, hippos, and lions - and then a sad little elephant, crying because he is afraid of the dark. But Robin and the sunbeam awaken him with light, just like the sunbeams touch Robin everyday to awaken him with the light from the sun, and the little elephant is overjoyed. From then on Robin sleeps peacefully, unafraid of the dark, dreaming of his newfound friend, the Sunbeam, and wondering where their next adventure will take him.
This book is a fine mixture of reassurance about fears of the dark (fears many children must conquer), warm family relations, magical adventures, animals, travels to foreign lands, all in a well illustrated and well written book. Keep your eyes open for the next one! Mira Drori has a winner on her hands!

About the Author
Mira Drori, the mother of three adult children, believes stories are powerful tools to inspire, stimulate, and expand a child's imagination, creativity, and self-esteem.
In her book I Am Afraid of the Dark! Mira uses beautiful words and illustrations to help parents show their child that the fear of going to sleep can be overcome.
When not thinking of creative stories to write, Mira enjoys traveling, Tai Chi, surfing and walks along the beach.