Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Hannah and the Kingdom of Bugbears" by Tom Steephen

Hannah and the Kingdom of Bugbears
by Tom Steephen

Hannah and the Kingdom of Bugbears is a fantasy adventure in which the young Hannah sets off on a great journey to rescue the Princess Aleena from the clutches of the Bugbear Prince, who plans on marrying her! Hannah is joined by the King's most trusted men: Minister Lucas, Commander Maxim Jacov, Chef Maatia and Prince Ronald, the Princess' betrothed, and encounters many new dangers and friends along the way.
Get ready for an adventure like no other as Hannah and friends enter the Kingdom of Bugbears and discover the true meaning of courage and unconditional love!

“Attack!” Commander Jacov shouted while running forward.

“For Cait Berg!” The soldiers charged towards the Bugbear army.

“Go!” Brewer rumbled. The Bugbear army dashed towards the onrushing Cait Berg army. Cait Berg soldiers fought hard to defeat the army of Bugbears. Commander Jacov met Prince Brewer directly, and they fought a mighty battle. The Bugbear soldiers were brave and extremely proficient in the martial arts.

The Cait Berg soldiers fought hard, but they could not best their opponents! Prince Brewer and his soldiers won the battle when the soldiers of Cait Berg finally surrendered.

The Bugbears overran the castle and entered the throne room. Prince Ronald took out his sword and tried to stop the Bugbears from capturing King John and Minister Lucas, but hundreds of Bugbear soldiers surrounded him. They tied up King John and Minister Lucas.

Prince Ronald could do nothing but put his sword down. Prince Brewer came near Prince Ronald and looked him in the eyes. “I have never forgotten that day you put me down,” Prince Brewer said. “This is my revenge!”

He turned to his soldiers. “Find the Princess!” he ordered.

“Please stop,” King John cried. Two Bugbear soldiers ran up to the chamber of Princess Aleena. They found her and Hannah cowering in a corner.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” the Princess asked.

“We are soldiers of The Kingdom of Stones,” they replied. “His Highness, Prince Brewer, wants to marry you. If you do not come with us and marry the Prince, he will destroy the Kingdom of Cait Berg.”

The Princess looked helplessly at Hannah, who was speechless. The Princess had no choice but to follow the Bugbear soldiers. As frightened as she was, Hannah tried to follow the Princess, but the Bugbear soldiers stopped her. They walked away with the Princess.

Hannah made her way to the hall and was saddened by the sight of the people tied up by the Bugbear soldiers. Hannah made her way to the throne room and saw that the Bugbears had tied up King John and Queen Melissa as well.

Tears filled Hannah’s eyes, and ran down her cheeks. Her mother’s face came to Hannah’s mind. She remembered Loren’s last words: “Hannah, you must be good to the Princess Aleena and all people in the castle, but remember you are only a handmaiden. Your main duty is to always make the Princess happy. You must love her and be with her always. My blessing is always with you, my dear daughter.”

Hannah opened her eyes. Princess Aleena is the person I love most in this world. I have to help her! She thought.

Hannah snuck out through the kitchen door. Hannah ran through the bailey and reached the tower house. She found horses attached to an elegant carriage there.

Princess Aleena must be inside the carriage! Hannah hid behind the tower house. Led by Prince Brewer, the Bugbear soldiers began marching. They sang a song praising Prince Brewer and Kingdom of Stones.

Behind the marching column, the horses pulled the carriage. As it crossed the gateway, Hannah ran to the postern gate beside the gateway. She looked at the carriage moving rolling away from the gateway. Hannah didn’t think twice and ran behind the carriage!

I like this book very much. I read this book to my daughter and my niece. They loved the main characters Hannah, chef Maatia and princess Aleena, also they like this book very much. It has lots of adventures that kids will enjoy a lot. It also will teach rich moral values such as loyalty, trust and the meaning of friendship. This is a great book for kids.

From the Author
I am a daydreamer and an idealist, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. I was born in Kerala, India, and currently reside in Singapore with my family. Since childhood, I fancied writing stories but put those dreams on hold to focus on family, career and other life matters. I get great pleasure in travelling, photography, listening to music and, of course, writing stories beyond my limitations. I hope my readers will like my stories and wish you all peace and love.