Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012 by Tina Frisco

Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012
by Tina Frisco

Plateau is a novel of mystery and adventure. The protagonist is a 15-year-old tribal female named W'Hyani, who discovers her strengths and destiny by overcoming adversity while honoring and in concert with the wisdom of her elders.
W’Hyani was born strong, willful, and the predestined Keeper of the Crystal Heart, a crystal shard that is the requisite key to unlocking the mystery of the Great Mosaic of Life. She is unaware of the shard’s universal significance and that it heralds the realization of her destiny.
Her will, fortitude, and ingenuity are repeatedly and - at times - brutally tested by the cosmic forces that sculpted her fortune. She must learn to trust blindly and overcome fear exhaustively, without knowing why she was chosen to be the Keeper.
She ultimately comes face-to-face with herself in a battle that would shrink the will of the most intrepid warrior, unaware that the realization of her destiny will irrevocably impact all beings on earth and beyond.
W'Hyani's people, the E'Ghali, inject humor and wisdom throughout this enigmatic and valiant tale. The Great Mosaic of Life holds a message of hope that would allow us to see and live beyond the year 2012.
Will love prevail over fear?

For a moment she was stunned. Swinging high in mid air, she was out of breath and out of control. Holding bow and arrow in one hand, with the other hand she pulled her stone knife from the sheath around her waist, determined to hack off the creature’s legs. But instantly she realized this would seal her own doom; the fall would be far too inordinate for her to survive. Not wanting this horrific beast to occasion her death, she momentarily considered thrusting the knife into her own heart. But shock quickly gave way to reason, and she shoved the knife back into its sheath. She let the bow slide up her arm and reached behind to thrust the arrow into her quiver. She then swung herself around and grabbed hold of the creature’s legs. The gondrah let go a blaring screech and did whatever it could to break W’Hyani’s grip. It repeatedly swooped high then quickly dove low, like a turbulent, undulant wave. It flung its mighty tail side to side in swift oscillation. It rendered rapid upside-down-to-right-side-up spins, over and over until W’Hyani’s head reeled. It snapped its left wing downward and pointed it directly to the ground far below, then rapidly turned one hundred and eighty degrees and snapped its left wing toward the heavens. But the more the creature tried to break W’Hyani’s hold, the tighter it became. W’Hyani screamed at the beast, “Ahkahcha Yoteh!” “Ahkahcha Yoteh!” but soon realized the next move was hers. She let go the gondrah’s legs, swung herself back around, snatched an arrow from her quiver and steadied it in her bow, then waited for an opportune moment to strike.

By Pat Regan
Tina's work is interesting and thought-provoking. She states that this patriarchal world fears the feminine aspect and this is quite true.
Monotheistic thought process/indoctrination of the masses has ensured that the divine feminine aspect, i.e. the "Goddess", has been cleverly demoted in favour of the male aspect, which is of course the God. Such imbalance leads us all astray in the end.
I have covered this situation myself is many of my own writings including The New Pagan Handbook. Tina's work is well worth considering.

From the Author
I am an author, singer-songwriter-performer, RN, shaman apprentice, animal/human rights and environmental/social change activist. I was born in (USA) Pennsylvania, studied nursing in New York, and am currently living in California. I love writing, reading, music, and nature, among many other things. I'm hoping my new novel, Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012, will take off and become a best-seller!
After watching one too many "doomsday" documentaries regarding the supposed end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, I felt both disheartened and determined. I don't embrace apocalyptic theories and was compelled to write a novel of hope. I completed the preliminary manuscript within 2 months and named it Beyond the Trees. Then a fascinating phenomenon occurred. One day while I was working a crossword puzzle, the word "publish" appeared, followed by the word "plateau". I realized I'd had a light-bulb moment! Paying attention to this, I renamed my novel Plateau and subtitled it Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012.
During this time of great change, the question millions are asking across the globe is "Will love prevail over fear?" Some believe December 21, 2012 will herald the apocalypse; others do not. But on this day, the sun will rise in the center of the galaxy for the first time in 26,000 years, and several planets will have been aligned. The influx of galactic energy that will ensue is speculated to have a cataclysmic effect on the earth and all her inhabitants. So how do we prepare for such a cosmic event? Plateau proffers a dash of insight and a bounty of hope.
What I wish to say to my readers is this: We must keep our hearts open and act from love instead of react from fear, and we must practice gratitude and compassion within every moment and with every breath. In doing so, we'll raise our vibratory rate and help elevate the human species to a higher consciousness, facilitating both personal and global peace. And above all, we must harm none and walk in beauty...