Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Featherlight by Laura Fields

by Laura Fields

The life of 19-year-old Jacque Winters has not been easy. After being diagnosed with leukemia, she was kidnapped by strangers and then forced to adjust to a society dominated by men.
Being on a new planet with lots of attention might sound great, but she is constantly in fear of being chased and forced to bond. Fortunately, Jacque has a few advantages over the rest of the population, like being the fastest. If she is going to be caught, then she has to be out-smarted.
On top of constantly being on guard, she needs to figure out whether her happiness is worth sacrificing in order to save the Earth she had left behind.

It was a good thing I never listened to evil temptations.
I held out my hand, and he took it. His grip was warm, strong, and forcibly relaxed. John’s touch didn't give my stomach butterflies or send electricity racing through my body. Instead, it ignited a flame of fear inside my heart.
Here was a man who was strong enough, fast enough, and smart enough to possibly beat me in a chase. He was able to rip my freedom out from under me, and he was even planning on it in the near future. At that moment, I realized that having curves and beauty meant absolutely nothing if I didn't have freedom.
This scenario might have been romantic if observed from the safety of a book or a movie. Being here, actually being here, it was terrifying. A confession of that magnitude might have made a crazier woman excited and thrilled. Another woman’s heart might have gone all ‘aflutter’ with the thought of John being her ‘mate’. Another woman would have blushed and batted her eyelashes and said some noteworthy double entendre.
It was a good thing I wasn't simply another woman.
I shook his hand, met his gaze, and said, "May the best one win."

By Ariadne Klein
Featherlight is an impressive debut YA novel from a young writer: an intriguing and exhilarating blend of sci-fi, fantasy, romance and some hard gritty realism.
In this story we are drawn into the troubled life of Jacqueline Winter, a girl with attitude. She's had to be tough in order to survive what her short life has thrown at her. And when events take a very unexpected turn Jacqueline has to draw on her last reserves of strength and determination to find her place, and maybe even happiness, in an alien world.

A stunning achievement. I look forward to the next book from this talented author.

About the Author
Laura Fields lives on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, giving her plenty of spare time to write.
Featherlight is Laura's first novel. She is currently working on a second one in between school, modeling, and living. Although young, Laura has big dreams for the future, and hopes to continue her writing/blogging career part-time through her pseudonym.