Sunday, November 25, 2012

this I know: Sarah's Confession by Reba Ponder Weiss

this I know: Sarah's Confession
by Reba Ponder Weiss

A recluse emerges from the backwoods on the eve of his son’s romantic, southern wedding. Dinner spirals into chaos when the self-proclaimed prophet announces he hears spiritual messages straight from God. The voices tell him to prepare the way for the end of the world. His disturbing words find foothold in undeniable facts as disbelief dissolves into terror. Those who gathered to celebrate are suddenly faced with an unthinkable dilemma. They must follow him into a remote, secret sanctuary, prepared exclusively survival … or they can die. As apocalyptic events begin to unfold, the ancient battle of darkness and light quickly becomes a modern reality.

Book Trailer

By M. Chance
Remember the name Reba Ponder Weiss. Hers is a truly fresh new voice, and this stunning debut reveals a world of authentic detail and familiar wit, full of Southern charm... Southern charm, that is, facing the end of the world.
The stage is set for a traditional Southern wedding, with all the tender affection and comic interludes you would find in any such gathering of a real family, but the proceedings are imbued with a gathering sense of foreboding...
And then the world as we know it endures a cataclysmic event, plunging this family into a harried race against extinction. What follows is as explosive and spellbinding as any of the wildest movie adventures, not rollicking fun so much as a breathless race to survive. It becomes a nightmare vision of the dark side of humanity, the side that might be brought out under the most extreme and adverse conditions.
Conversely, the beauty, character, and human dignity that remain under even such duress shine all the brighter... and Weiss unfolds a relentless, mesmerizing tale, ultimately taking you on the survival ride of your life.
This book is a stunning achievement by a first time writer, heralding not only a bold new voice, but a bold new mash-up of genre.

About the Author
Reba Ponder Weiss was born and raised in Jones Chapel, a small farming community, outside of Cullman, Alabama. Later she moved to upstate New York, lived in the suburbs of Georgia, and enjoyed her home on the prairies of Wyoming. Currently, she lives and works on the east end of Long Island, but dreams of retiring one day with her husband, Joseph, and their children, to Fayetteville, Tennessee.
Reba draws her inspiration from her Southern roots and life-long night terrors. Years of vivid nightmares are kept in a personal journal, full of hand written notes and sketches, detailing the hours in the night when her mind seems to take its own little road trip. this I know: Sarah's Confession is a spine chilling, and sometimes disturbing, paranormal thriller based on one of those journeys ... which began when consciousness ended.