Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nightingale Vale: Murder is Relative by Declan Munro

Nightingale Vale: Murder is Relative
by Declan Munro

Nightingale Vale: Murder is Relative is the first novel in a new series by Declan Munro. It covers the terrible prospect that you might move into the wrong neighborhood and meet the neighbors from hell. How unfortunate if you happen to move next door to perhaps a whole host of unsavory neighbors. What if those neighbors are plotting your downfall and you don't even know it?
A slick, taut thriller with a gut-wrenching premise: No one is who you think they are. CREEPY and claustrophobic, ruthless killers carry out a series of gruesome murders. When a new tenant moves to creepy Nightingale Vale she hooks up with the disturbing Lindsey family. The Lindsey's are no ordinary family, they are the neighbors from hell. These characters have one thing in common - they give another meaning to being related.
In this novel, the author aims to tap into that stomach churning feeling when you finally figure out that nothing you have believed is what it seems, it is a whole lot worse.

By Carole A. Spalino
I had the creeps from the first chapter. Right from the beginning, I was thinking that there was something wrong with those neighbors. I don't want to give any part of the story away, so buy this and read it. It's good, it's creepy, and you won't put it down. I didn't. There are so many creepy twists and surprises, and I keep using the word CREEPY! That's because it fits. Great read. Good job.

About the Author
Declan Munro lives and works in London. Declan writes with an associate author, Belle Marsh, who is also his partner. They have pooled their resources and experience to tap into the world of the psychological thriller. Declan is a blue collar worker with experience in the building industry and who does a bit of acting on the side. He pulls no punches in his no-nonsense writing; he does the meaty, tough stuff. His writing partner, Belle, refines the rougher edges and adds the psychological twists and the turn-of-the-screw weird stuff.
Look out for the next novel in the series, coming soon.