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"Moon" and "Sun" by Alison Oliver

Moon and Sun
by Alison Oliver

Moon by Alison OliverSun by Alison Oliver

Author-illustrator Alison Oliver stops by today to share excerpts from her children’s books Moon and Sun. You can also read my reviews of these beautiful books.

by Alison Oliver

Moon  by Alison Oliver

For the over-scheduled generation, the illustrator of the popular BabyLit books explores the joy found in wildness, following in the footsteps of beloved bestsellers The Night Gardener and Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. 
Like many children, Moon leads a busy life. School, homework, music lessons, sports, and the next day it begins again. She wonders if things could be different. Then, one night, she meets a wolf.
The wolf takes Moon deep into the dark, fantastical forest and there she learns to howl, how to hide, how to be still, and how to be wild. And in that, she learns what it’s like to be free.
This simply worded and stunningly illustrated story reveals the joy to be found in play, nature, and, most of all, embracing the wild in us all.

How to be still,
how to listen and feel.

Praise for the Book
“Oliver’s picture book debut channels Where the Wild Things Are ...” ~ The New York Times review
“Plenty of stories assure readers that nature is worth exploring; this one suggests that it has the power to change them.” ~ Publishers Weekly
“A paean to Where the Wild Things Are that reminds readers of the importance of play and of stillness in a busy world.” ~ Booklist
“Convincingly and sweetly told, Moon’s story is a striking authorial debut from illustrator Oliver.” ~ Kirkus
“An upbeat and howling-good read-aloud.” ~ School Library Journal

My Review
I received this book in return for an honest review.

By Lynda Dickson
Moon is busy living a regimented life full of schoolwork and after-school activities. “What would it be like to be free?” she wonders. One night, she meets a wolf who teaches her its wolfy ways. And Moon is changed forever.
This is a delightful book about a girl searching for meaning in her life of drudgery. When she breaks free, she discovers the joys of play, nature, and even stillness, and sets about sharing her new wisdom with others. The gorgeous illustrations, also by the author, feature a palette of purple, blue, green, black, and white to simulate the night.
An important message for both children and their parents.

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by Alison Oliver

Sun by Alison Oliver

Sun, a sporty boy, reconnects with his artistic side in this gorgeous, joyful celebration of creativity that offers an expanded and appealing model for boyhood. 
Sun loves everything about playing soccer: the cheers, the competition, the winning. But he feels as though something is missing. When he sees his younger brother spread out on the floor, creating a wondrous piece of art, he remembers how much he loves to make things. He goes to the beach to think, and it’s there that a magical encounter with a fox helps him reconnect with a long-forgotten source of happiness.
Simple words and stunning illustrations pair to show us there is more than one way to be a boy … and remind us of the deep satisfaction of creativity.

 And finally, an entire galaxy.

Praise for the Book
“Vibrantly colored mixed-media collage illustrations capture Sun’s adventure and invite readers to do some exploring of their own.” ~ Booklist
“[An] immensely appealing fantasy … boldly colourful ... A visual treat for the young imagination.” ~ Kirkus
“This companion to well-loved Moon is a fitting follow-up from author-illustrator Oliver and does not disappoint … A terrific storytime read-aloud or a one-on-one selection for a child struggling to find his or her bliss.” ~ School Library Journal

My Review
I received this book in return for an honest review.

By Lynda Dickson
Sun plays soccer but feels like there’s something missing in his life. While wandering along the beach, he comes across a fox who creates art out of items washed up on the sand. And so, Sun discovers a new passion.
This is another delightful offering by author-illustrator Alison Oliver. This time, the illustrations feature bright orange, yellow, and blue to portray the warmth of the sun. The story conveys the message that boys can be artistic as well as sporty.
Another timely message for children and adults alike.

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About the Author
Alison Oliver is the author-illustrator of picture books Moon and Sun and the Be Bold, Baby! board book series, featuring biographies of strong, inspiring women. She’s also the illustrator of thirty BabyLit board books. She lives in New York City, where she runs a design studio called Sugar.

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