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"The Poet of the Heart" by LaNona Walker

The Poet of the Heart
by LaNona Walker

The Poet of the Heart by LaNona Walker

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People can fade away, rose petals can be crushed and things can be lost, but at least you’ll remember how it was. The Poet of The Heart is a poetry collection that touches everything the heart can feel, hope for, cherish, and even regret. In a collection of poems ranging from romantic to heart-wrenching, LaNona Walker dives into her passions and writes from the heart. Fragmented pieces of dreams and losses combine to bring you a touching series of stories that have deeper meanings in their rhymes and lyrics.

The Dance of Fire and Rain
He chose the fire,
And she chose the rain.
He swore he’d set the world on fire-
Just for her.
But she was by nature-
The flood that would put it out.
He wouldn’t stop, and she couldn’t go anywhere.
So the fire and the rain danced.
Until the fire burned out, and the rain disappeared.
The flames rose higher and higher,
And the teardrops of the sky fell.
The fire and the rain danced,
Until both were nothing.
Just embers and smoke,
Nothing more and nothing less.
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Praise for the Book
“Imagine a poem combined with beautiful tales. This is what this is. Beautiful, poetic and simply stunning!” ~ TeaAndBooks
“Awesome debut for author LaNona Walker! Her imagery is soft, but crisp, and I love the way the same theme flows throughout the entire collection, ending with the ultimate and sacrificial ‘love of her life’. A great gift book to your BFF or granddaughters.” ~ Addison Carmichael
“… the writer of this book of poetry is skilled on the myriad of poetic devices. She uses them well, and though the concepts may be deep, it is relatively simple to follow her train of thought and her symbolism. This is not ‘high-brow’ poetry; it is intended for the ordinary person. Whether you know poetry or not, these poems are for you.” ~ Ruth Hill
“Omg! I loved this so so much! I can relate to a few and some I found very admirable! LaNona has such a beautiful writing style! Can't wait to read future works!” ~ Desara

My Review
I received this book in return for an honest review.

This is a collection of 21 poems and one piece of prose. Unfortunately, the pieces don’t do anything poetry should do. They lack imagery, rhythm, and melodic language, and they don’t evoke any emotion. The recurring themes are repetitive and mundane. In addition, there are numerous editing errors (“it’s” instead of “its”, unnecessary capitalization, unnecessary commas, strangely formatted quotation marks, “their” instead of they're”).
Nothing special.

About the Author
LaNona Walker
LaNona Walker is a bookaholic and major coffee drinker. When she’s not jotting stories down or getting lost in books, she can be found baking delicious treats while jamming to music or re-watching movies (mostly Marvel) with her Pug. Or getting dragged away from a bookstore by family members and friends.

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