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"The Moment We Fell" by Kelli Warner

The Moment We Fell
by Kelli Warner

The Moment We Fell by Kelli Warner

The Moment We Fell by Kelli Warner is currently on tour with YA Bound Book Tours. The tour stops here today for an excerpt and a giveaway. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

Nothing good happens when people keep secrets.
Paige Bryant’s dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer died along with her mother. Drowning in grief and plagued by guilt, Paige is blindsided by a provision in her mother’s will that sends her to live with the father she never knew. Forced to start over in a new town and at a new school where she's now the principal's daughter, Paige is convinced that her life can’t possibly get more complicated - until fate throws her into the path of the only boy her guardian tells her is off-limits.
Despite two years on the straight and narrow, Cade Matthews can’t escape his time as a juvenile delinquent. With his dad behind bars, Cade’s feelings of anger and betrayal are as relentless as the rumors he’s trying to outrun. The only person not listening to the gossip is the new girl with her own set of troubles, including a father who will never give Cade a fair shake.
As Paige tries to adjust to her new life and an uncertain future, a set of unopened journals reveals a dark family secret. When tensions rise to a boiling point, can Paige and Cade make peace with the past before it destroys them?

f someone had asked me a month ago how my life was going, I would have said great. Wonderful. Even excellent. If I were filling out a survey on the subject, I would have ticked the box labeled extremely satisfied without hesitation. Because a month ago, it was all that. Then life threw me a craptastic curveball I never saw coming, and now I’m stuck in a plane 30,000 feet in the air and on the verge of puking my guts out.
The flight attendant stares down at me expectantly from behind her beverage cart. Wait. What was the question again?
“Are you all right, miss?”
I blink, trying to process what is, on the surface, a harmless inquiry. What this woman doesn’t know is that there’s a log of dread the size of a Pringles can spinning in my stomach, not to mention I’m carrying more emotional baggage than could possibly fit in my carry-on. Oh, and this plane I’m trapped on is doing some kind of shimmy-swaybump thing every few seconds. So, no, I’m not all right. I’m a hot mess.
Another unsettling jolt knocks a soft groan from my throat and propels the Pringles can to complete a few more twirls. “It’s just a few bumps, nothing to worry about. Would you like a Sprite or some ginger ale?” The flight attendant’s hands poise in midair, ready to pop the tab on a can of soda.
Another thunderbolt rattles me in my seat, and I suck in a breath. Just a few bumps? I think this woman is out of her flippin’ mind and seriously needs to focus less on pimping me a beverage and take notice of the situation. I can already see our cataclysmic end splashed across the eleven o’clock news. Oh my gosh. Hot. Mess.
The flight attendant’s thickly lined eyes narrow with sympathy. “There’s an air sickness bag in the seat pocket in case you need it.”
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Praise for the Book
“This young adult novel kept me guessing from the start. I couldn't wait to find out the back story on Paige. […] The Moment We Fell will keep you reading through the night to find out. If you liked Kelli Warner's first book Not With The Band, you will love this second novel even more!” ~ AHeerMomoftheYear
“A good read for those who enjoy reminiscing young love, resolving family struggles and the complexities that come with both. It's a story of tragedy that is overcome by the redemption of past failures and the cultivation of family, peer and love relationships. But more importantly, it's a story of heroism and humanity the way it was intended.” ~ Darlene A. Sisson
“It was a truly heartbreaking story and I feel like it depicted the struggles of feeling like an outsider in a, seemingly, familiar place, pretty well! The characters were likable and easy to connect to, which always makes it easier for me, as a reader, to have a nice reading experience and follow their journey without feeling left out. I feel like the novel would be a great summer read so, now is the time for you to pick it up, if you're thinking about giving it a try!” ~ Elena Love
“This is a very touching story about coming to terms with loss and being accepting to change. I was really touched by this story.” ~ Vanessa
“This book is so cute and the way the characters are presented are awesome.” ~ Emmyjo

About the Author
Kelli Warner
Kelli Warner writes humorous and relatable young adult and contemporary romance novels, the kind of stories that get your insides so wound up in an ooey gooey mess that you forget about the un-fun stuff in life. She's passionate for a good cup of coffee (even a bad one on a desperate day), enjoying time with friends and family, and spending lazy Saturday mornings watching the Food Network. Kelli and her husband live in Oregon with their two teenaged children and an outstanding border collie named Lucy.

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