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"Taming the Bad Boy" by Jolie Moore

Taming the Bad Boy
by Jolie Moore

Taming the Bad Boy by Jolie Moore

Taming the Bad Boy by Jolie Moore is currently on tour with Bewitching Book Tours. The tour stops here today for an excerpt. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

It starts with a striptease in a gay bar. I’m down to my boxer briefs for one person only … the straight girl who can’t keep her eyes off me. I don’t want a missed connection so I throw her my shirt.
Her velvet headband tells me she will move heaven and earth to get it back to me …
Everyone thinks I’m a good girl. But every day I do bad, bad things …
When I walk into Raphael’s apartment with his dry cleaned shirt, I want to be bad with him … but he thinks I’m too good to touch. Now if I can just figure out how to change his mind …

“The shirt sailed toward the table. I dreaded it touching the alcohol that had spilled on the wood. Real silk wouldn’t survive it. So I stood and caught it in mid air. I was rewarded with a broad wink. I pulled the shirt to my chest, and I couldn’t help noticing the heady scent that rose from it. Nari glared at me. After sending a brief apology to the dry cleaner who was going to have to fix it, I balled the shirt up and pushed it deep into my lap.
Lyrics got suggestive. The tight ribbed black tank Rafe was wearing close to his skin, came off as well. I didn’t try to grab for it this time. I was already in for a stiff lecture.
Bumping and grinding, Rafe was butt down on the platform undulating to the beat, the tight leather pants obscuring nothing. The names of movie and sports stars blasted from the speakers. The top two buttons of his pants came undone. Hollywood’s female icons thumped with the bass. The zipper came down.
I knew what was coming. How could I not? I couldn’t look away. I could look all day. Looking was okay. Like the black and white video of the song, lights pulsed, throwing the club into black and white relief.
A quick black out, and the pants were gone. I must have missed the shoes and socks, because Rafe was gyrating on the platform almost as naked as the day he was born, save for some black boxer briefs shot through with silver threads.
Those threads were only on the front center, and back of the shorts, highlighting what was underneath. Before I knew it, he was letting his body go with the flow. It was a nice flow. His skin was golden, and bathed in a sheen of sweat. The lights cast blue, red, and ended in gold on him. Silence. A single beat. And it went dark again.
I didn’t care if Nari thought I was crazy. I clapped and hooted as loudly as his friends and those around me. The lights and music started again, but Rafe was gone.”
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Praise for the Book
“Read it. Loved it. The depth of characterization is beautiful. The story feels rich and real. Two flawed individuals that fall in love and must overcome their own personal challenges and resistance to love.” ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Maggie Marr
“A whole new twist to love at first sight, she thinks he's hot, but GAY. Never assume that what you think you see is actually what you have. Many twists and turns lead from misconceptions to Miss Right.” ~ Emily B, Goodreads
“An unconventional heroine and a most unlikely hero. Both of them have many flaws and don't fall in love instantly like most romance characters. After reading too many romance novels with the same plots and stereotypes, I find this novel really refreshing.” ~ Roxana, a reader
“This is not your typical romance novel. The characters are realistic and flawed.” ~ Kelly P, a reader
“Daisy's life was spiraling hilariously out of control and she carried me along for the ride. Good trip. I always did like the scenic route.” ~ Deborah K, Goodreads
“This story was refreshingly real for me. The characters are flawed, confused, and a selfish mess, yet well-meaning and still basically good people, who I would be interested in knowing. Their attempts to have a relationship were thwarted by one calamity after another. Their difficulties actually should not have been so humorous, yet somehow, they always were. I found these characters to be intriguing, yet highly probable. The story was ... cringe-worthy at times, but always delightfully so. The steamy sensual scenes were also surprisingly believable, as well as tasty. I enjoyed the tale and was sad for it to end.” ~ DJ, Goodreads

About the Author
Jolie Moore
Jolie Moore writes crazy, beautiful love stories because she believes storytelling is magic. She loves complicated heroines with secrets, strong heroes who fall hard, and a long winding road to happily ever after. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel to witness the diverse tapestry of humanity, photograph the beauty of the world, visit museums, and watch live theater. She lives in West Hollywood, California ten miles from the nearest airport.
She hasn’t found her own happily ever after, but she’s not done trying. This year she’s going to go on fifty first dates. Join her as she tries to find her Mr. Right or maybe Mr. Right Now.


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