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This Week on Books Direct - 21 April 2018

This Week on Books Direct -
21 April 2018

This Week on Books Direct - 21 April 2018

Here's a list of some great articles you may have missed this week. Enjoy!

There’s never a bad time to tidy up writing that’s messy or overly cluttered, but the best time may be right now—which is to say, spring. In fact, that last sentence could use some polish, so let’s rework it: Now’s a fine time to spring clean your writing. There, isn’t that better?

Everything You Should Know About Cleaning Your Writing: Tips, Tools, And More by Daniel Potter for Grammarly Blog

The Vending Machine That Spits Out Short Stories by Laura M. Holson for The New York Times

A French community publisher of short-form literature has installed more than 30 story dispensers in the United States in the past year.

The Vending Machine That Spits Out Short Stories by Laura M. Holson for The New York Times

Type a question into “Talk to Books,” and AI-powered tool will scan every sentence in 100,000 volumes in Google Books and generate a list of likely responses with the pertinent passage bolded.

Google’s Astounding New Search Tool Will Answer Any Question By Reading Thousands Of Books by Anne Quito for Quartz Media

2018 Pulitzer Prizes Announced by The Pulitzer Prizes

The 2018 winners of the Pulitzer Prize were announced, including six books in the categories of Fiction, Drama, History, Biography, Poetry, and General Nonfiction. Andrew Sean Greer won the Fiction Pulitzer for his novel Less, and James Forman Jr. took the General Nonfiction prize for Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America.

The 24-year-old poet, with a background in biochemistry, wants young people in the capital ‘to see poetry as part of their every day’.

Somali-British Poet Momtaza Mehri Named Young People's Laureate For London by Alison Flood for The Guardian

New suit claims Aaron Sorkin adaptation may have to be scrapped over alleged differences between the play and novel, as producers offer to stage disputed work at federal court.

Broadway Producers Of To Kill A Mockingbird Countersue Harper Lee's Estate by Sian Cain for The Guardian

How do you feel after submitting a manuscript?

Growing Comfortable With Your Creative Vacuum by Hans M. Hirschi

Cecilia Tan would like to hear more from both authors and folks who give solicited feedback: critique partners, writers groups, beta readers, and sensitivity readers.

Seeking Stories From Authors & Beta Readers About Incorporating Feedback, Critique by Cecilia Tan

Merging Feedback by Anna Simpson for emaginette

Anna explains how she collates feedback from beta readers.

Merging Feedback by Anna Simpson for emaginette

A new study by Pew Research, Americans are actually reading, they're just doing it in different ways than the traditional hardcover or paperback format.

How Many Books Did The Average American Read In The Last Year? This New Study May Surprise You by Keri Jarema for Bustle

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