Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"She's My Bonnie, I'm Her Clyde" by Denzel A. Washington

NEW RELEASE for $0.99
She's My Bonnie, I'm Her Clyde:
Ridin' to the Very End
by Denzel A. Washington

She's My Bonnie, I'm Her Clyde: Ridin' to the Very End by Denzel A. Washington

Author Denzel A. Washington stops by today to share his new book, She's My Bonnie, I'm Her Clyde: Ridin' to the Very End, available now for only $0.99.

Natalie Rossi is the epitome of an uptown rich Detroit girl; she’s the only child of Herman Rossi, the most ruthless prosecutor in the city and has a trust fund larger than King Midas’ coffers.
Having law books given to her from she could fully speak the English language, she wants to be a defence attorney and follow her father’s footsteps into the courtroom.
She has everything, but one thing she doesn’t need is her father incessantly shoving the sons of his colleagues her way. They’re all the same; white, rich, snobby and conceited. She wants someone real, someone who’s down to earth, and if he could shake her father up too, that would be a plus.
Enter Derek Coleman, a black twenty-two year old second year basketball scholarship student at her same school, Wayne State University in Downtown Michigan. He’s studying Physical Therapy but really wants to get into the Michigan’s Wolverines Basketball Team. One thing separates him from the typical black guy, he has a liking for white girls and he is scorned for it.
Through a simple accident Derek and Natalie meet and continue to do so and despite the multiple warnings on both sides, they fall for each other.
Herman Rossi, Natalie’s father, has a very strong prejudice of the lower classes and when he finds out that his daughter is in love with a black man from the ‘other side of the tracks’, he instantly bans them from seeing each other.
Natalie rebels, doing everything she can to be with him but Derek is torn; he loves his girlfriend but he’s fearful of her father and at the same time wants to prove to him that his suspicions about him are very wrong. In the middle of all this Derek’s younger brother gets injured and with no help from the local police, he starts a one-man campaign to find who had shot his sibling.
Natalie offers to help him by secretly pulling stings with her father’s contacts in higher police departments, not knowing that she is putting herself in the bullseye of vicious criminals. She gets threatened but bravely, she stands against them, casting Derek in a very hard place.
Now Derek had to protect his girlfriend, find who shot his brother, ace his exams and get the respect of Herman Rossi; a trial fit for Hercules himself.
How can they survive it all?

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