Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Sketchy Tacos" by Meg D. Gonzalez

Sketchy Tacos
by Meg D. Gonzalez

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Teenage artist Mila Gulick travels to Mexico to get away from warring influences and find herself. But life in the land of tacos is a far cry from her sheltered life back home. Mila must find the courage to step out from behind her sketchbook and get to know the people and culture around her. While her host family and the two boys vying for her interest are nothing but smiles, all may not be as it seems.
Soon Mila is questioning her choices and the beliefs she’s held dear. Her heart, her art, and even her safety are at risk as she struggles to find a balance between cultural differences, old assumptions, and strange romance. Will her trip end in disaster or will she find the strength for which she’s been searching?

Book Video

Leaning forward, I hide my hot cheeks behind a veil of wavy, brown hair Rosa somehow coaxed straight. As he pushes my bangs behind my ear, his fingertips brush my skin. I suppress a shiver. His hand lingers behind my neck. Lightning skitters across my skin.
QuĂ© bonita,” he murmurs, leaning forward.
Pretty. He called me pretty. Is this for real?
With a slight sway, I find myself closing the distance. My body reacts to instincts I didn’t know I possessed. Then I freeze.
What if I’m a horrible kisser? Rosa’s friends are a chatty group. What if I’m terrible, and I turn into the laughing stock of her entire social circle? I’d be alone the rest of the summer. Or I’d have to flee the country and return to Mom.
I swing away.
“What’s wrong?” His breath tickles my nose, minty fresh.
“Nothing.” Heat flames from my forehead to my fingertips. Think. Think! Come up with something coy, something cute.
My chin raises. I quirk one corner of my lips. “I’m just not that easy.”
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Praise for the Book
"This modern coming-of-age story has it all – humor, heart, genuine characters, and spiritual depth. I highly recommend it to teen readers." ~ Krista McGee, Inspy Award winning author of First Date and Starring Me
"Meg D. Gonzalez gives us a vivid look at life for an American teenager in Mexico and an even clearer picture of what happens when you decide to embrace who God made you to be. No matter what. Great first novel. Great read." ~ Nancy Rue, Christy Award winning author of the Real Life series
"Sketchy Tacos is a fantastic and fun read for any audience! Travel along with Mila as she experiences the art, culture, and people of Mexico. Throughout her journey she faces trials, relationship issues, and questions about her faith. I love this book because of its theme of finding one's self, learning about God, and the journey of becoming independent. What a great read!!!" ~ Elizabeth Mercer
"Meg D Gonzalez brings Mila to life. I felt like I was in Mexico. I can't wait for the next one." ~ lovestoreadst

About the Author
Meg D. Gonzalez is a tea-sipping, adventure-seeking, pug-loving kind of girl. She’s crazy for God and wants to share His love with awesome young women around the globe.
She started her first novel at the age of fourteen (it will never see the light of day and that’s best for everyone), but her writing really came alive two years ago after she moved to Mexico. The crazy, wonderful people and culture she encountered inspired the story of Sketchy Tacos.
When she’s not writing, she’s learning to play video games with her husband (she’s horrible), taking hikes in beautiful parks with her pug Pascal, crocheting, and watching way too much TV.

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