Thursday, May 12, 2016

"365 Affirmations to Smile" by Kelly Clanton

365 Affirmations to Smile
by Kelly Clanton

365 Affirmations to Smile by Kelly Clanton is currently on tour with I Am A Reader. The tour stops here today for my review, some excerpts, and a giveaway. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

365 Affirmations to Smile gives light to darkness in a world with so much negativity. Kelly’s passion is to inspire others with her affirmations and allow them to journal their thoughts.

January 5
You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust and see what happens. Remind yourself it’s ok to not be perfect. It’s not selfish to love yourself. Take care of you and make your happiness a priority.
February 5
It doesn’t matter how rich, talented or cool you think you are. Your integrity and how you treat others says it all. You have to water flowers daily for them to last.
March 10
In life, you have to do what makes you happy. Be with ones that make you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you are living. Every day is a new beginning – look to what it can do.
April 1
Sometimes our lives have to be shaken up a bit – moved around to put us where we need to be. Look ahead and always smile. You never know what a change it can make.
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Praise for the Book
"We all must have something to look forward to on a daily basis or we remain complacent and never move forward in life. This book is an easy way to have a positive for each day. Highly recommend this book for both its content and its price point. No reason not to purchase and share to even nonreaders as this book is broken down by day. We can all read a sentence or two a day. NO excuses! 'Strive for Progress, not Perfection'." ~ David Sterk
"If you enjoy journaling, this is a great tool for positive living. If you have never journaled, this is a great way to start! This is not a novel and the reader is an active writer/participant. Kelly’s affirmations are her own and are intended to be used as a guide for helping others develop their own daily affirmations. Truly enjoyable!"
"Everyone needs this book. (Even us pessimistic people.) Smile, smile, smile."

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
365 Affirmations to Smile was written to encourage and inspire you to smile every day, no matter your circumstances. It is designed to be used as daily inspirational reading. The paperback edition is set out in a diary format, with two affirmations/days to a page, along with space for you to record your own inspirations and thoughts - and maybe something that made you smile that day. 
A journal of this type should be something beautiful, something you look forward to visiting each day. Unfortunately, this is not that book. The presentation is less than desirable, being very bland and containing several spelling and punctuation errors. Some illustrations or images would add a nice touch. In addition, maybe some note pages, ideas for further study, and words of encouragement could be added at the end.
While the affirmations are mostly good, they get a bit repetitive, with many on the same theme in close proximity to each other; perhaps they could be distributed more evenly throughout the year. Themes covered include: laughing, smiling, loving, not putting things off until later, believing in yourself, having courage, standing up for your beliefs, forgiveness, helping others, faith, hope, gratitude, motivation, and persistence.
A nice gift idea for someone who may be in need of a daily pick-me-up.

About the Author
I am from Midwest City, Oklahoma, which is the heart of a large Military Base and a town committed to Friday night football. After graduating I married, raised a family and working in the family business several years juggling many responsibilities. I’ve always been one to journal my thoughts as an escape to a hectic day or to remind myself of all I am capable of achieving. In a world with so much negativity, my passion is to inspire positive thoughts one thought at a time and my hope is that I can inspire you! This has been an incredible journey and one I’m not finished writing.

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