Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"The Ebola Game" by Glenn Shepard

The Ebola Game
(Dr. Scott James Thriller Book 3)
by Glenn Shepard

The Ebola Game is the third book in the Dr. Scott James Thriller series by Glenn Shepard. Also available: The Missile Game (ON SALE for $0.99) and The Zombie Game (read my blog post).

The Ebola Game is currently on tour with Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours. The tour stops here today for an excerpt and a giveaway. Please be sure to visit the other tour stops as well.

ISIS terrorists are trying to start an Ebola epidemic in America.
Only Scott James is immune.
The Ebola Game just keeps coming at you and at you. Incredible.” -John Haslett
A bomb explodes at a local hospital.
Dr. Scott James must race through twists and turns to find a cure for a deadly biological weapon.
A quarantined group of people await Dr. James’ help.
Sanfia is the most powerful Vodoun priestess in Haiti. She may have the cure.
Beautiful Elizabeth is one of the most notorious freelance operatives in the world. Scott James will need her unique genius to stop the epidemic.
“Scott, a biological weapon just exploded on your doorstep. We don’t know what we’re dealing with here.”

Conference Room
Hospital Administrator’s Offices
9:30 a.m.
Dr. Reed called and said that he wanted to update hospital leaders on his team’s findings and give further instructions. I called the operator and had her contact the Executive Committee, a governing body comprised of the department heads, committee chairmen, and all the assistant hospital administrators quarantined in the hospital. The group assembled within fifteen minutes. The two from the CDC were the only ones in the room in hazmat suits and helmets.
Dr. Reed gave his report: “Ebola virus was definitively diagnosed by electron microscopy.”
Everyone groaned, even though they knew before this report came in that it was Ebola. Then, he gave what he called the “good news.” The vast majority of the patients who had been in the hospital at the time of the explosion, as well as most of the doctors, nurses, and people in maintenance and facilities, were not exposed and could be released from quarantine to return to their homes. I began to applaud and the other members of the executive committee followed.
Reed was resuming his talk when my telephone rang. I looked to see that the caller was the Mayor’s Office. I answered in a quiet voice, “Dr. James.”
It was Mayor LaShaun Washington. “I know you are in a meeting with Dr. Reed and your staff. I’m going to call back in a minute on Skype so I can teleconference with your entire group.”
I paused for a moment to comprehend his demand, and hung up. I opened Skype on my computer. The large screen at the end of conference room went from black to a picture of Mayor Washington and a group of people sitting at a conference table.
The Mayor spoke: “Dr. James, you will recognize everyone in my panel, the Jackson City City Council, and of course the City Attorney, Ms. Marks.
“Dr. James. This conference is called into emergency session. Now, let’s get right to the point: Dr. James, did you receive a message from a terrorist group that mentioned ‘Ebola?’”
“Dr. James: Did you, or did you not, receive a message from a known terrorist organization in the last twenty-four hours? The Jackson City Police have the article in their possession. You are a terrorist. You affiliate with terrorists, you’ve been the center of multiple attacks, and why the FBI has allowed you to carry on, purely in the interest of having another informant—”
“I am not a terrorist, sir!”
“Dr. James—you are out of order here. This is an emergency meeting. Let’s get to the second point, of which this body has just been informed: You are immune to Ebola. Is that correct?”
Reed stepped forward and said through his mask, “We have not informed Dr. James of that yet. We just got the results. Frankly I’m a little shocked that you know.”
“I assure you Dr. Reed, this body will be involved in every aspect of this ongoing tragedy. Dr. James, we find it all just a little too convenient that the epidemic you have created here in the United States is something that you also just happen to be immune to—”
“I didn’t create anything!” I screamed. “What are you talking about! It’s Omar Farok! He’s doing all this!”
“Dr. James! That’s enough! That is enough! That is enough! Now … The FBI will be taking you into custody shortly. We are cooperating thoroughly in their investigation. This body is going to make sure that the federal authorities do the right thing and indict you for conspiracy. You are directly responsible for a number of terrorist attacks and your connection with certain cults is well known. The City Council has passed a binding resolution that relieves you of your position at The Jackson City Hospital. Permanently. We are also considering civil action against you and your group.”
“Why don’t you just banish me from the city! You’re a dictator, right?”
“Dr. James.”
“Just throw me out of my own home! You are a dictator, right?”
“Dr. James. That’s enough.”
I turned and looked at the scornful stares of my hospital staff. Many of these doctors had been my friends for many years. I had grown up with so many of them. But no one spoke a word in my defense.

Praise for the Book
"This is one crazy novel. A potential Ebola epidemic in the U.S., a powerful Vodoun priestess and zombies in Haiti, and a mad man who wants to rule the world all make for one unique novel. [...] this is a crazy interesting novel. I recommend it to those who like suspense novels with terrorists, a crazy mad man, a bunch of zombies, and a main character who keeps getting in trouble with authorities. We are definitely left hanging at the end of this novel so a sequel will be appearing soon." ~ Joan N.
"Dr. Scott James is in for the ride of his life that will twist your nerve endings and becomes more suspenseful until the last hundred pages which is an extremely wild ride. On top of everything this is quite an engrossing thriller that will have you muttering 'oh, no' as you are reading as fast as you can to get to the next page. Don’t start this book late at night as it will cost you sleep as you will not want to put it down. I am already looking forward to the next book in this series." ~ VicG
"This third installment of Mr. Shephard's, Dr. Scott James' series sees him embattled once again with his nemesis Omar Farouk and another nefarious plot to simultaneously destroy Dr. James life and bring the ISIS battle to the U.S. mainland. Dr. James has to once again travel back to Haiti to this time search for the Voodoo Queen, Sanfia, and try to gain her assistance after an initial strike hits close to home for Dr. James." ~ Cwarner

About the Author
Glenn Shepard’s first novel, Surge, was written while he was still a surgical resident at Vanderbilt. In the following years he wrote The Hart Virus, a one-thousand-page epic about the AIDS crisis, as well as three other novels. In 2012, he created Dr. Scott James, his Fugitive-like action-hero, and began publishing a series. The first volume of the Dr. Scott James Thriller series was The Missile Game, followed shortly afterward by The Zombie Game. The third of the series, The Ebola Game, was released December 2015. Though the books contain many of the same characters, they don’t have to be read in order. Each can be read as a stand-alone.

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