Friday, March 18, 2016

"Breaking the Story" by Ashley Farley

Breaking the Story
(Scottie's Adventures Book 2)
by Ashley Farley

Breaking the Story is the second book in Scottie's Adventures by Ashley Farley. Also available: Merry Mary (read my blog post).

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Passion, peril, and a scandal that will rock American politics.
Scottie Darden’s life is a disaster. Her marriage has become toxic, and her career as a photojournalist has stalled out. To attract the attention of the main players in the news industry, she needs a standout story with a unique perspective. What she finds is a scandal that could turn the 2016 presidential election upside down. But before she can release her damaging images to the media, Scottie must uncover the truth behind the photographs. She turns to handsome mystery man Guy Jordan for help. When they join the campaign trail in search of answers, their investigation quickly becomes deadly.
Hop on board for a wild ride of adventure where desire ignites, lives are threatened, and secrets are revealed.

Book Video

Guy navigated his way through the crowd to where Scottie was seated. "Well now, isn't this a coincidence?" he said.
She looked up from her martini. "Unless, of course, you're stalking me."
"Ouch. Hostile." He took a step back. "What happened to you in the hours since we last met?"
She jabbed at the olive with the pick in her martini. "Trust me, you don't want to know."
"Oh, but I do," he said, placing his hand over his heart. "The way I remember it, you owe me a drink for changing your tire. You even said you should buy it."
"All right, fine." When the woman next to her got up and left, Scottie extended an empty hand to the barstool. "You might as well sit down. I'll buy you a drink. Then we'll be even."
Guy slid onto the bar stool and signaled the bartender. "I'll have a Dewars on the rocks. And bring the lady another of whatever she's having." He glanced down at her glass. "What are you having?"
"Tequila martinis. My third."
"Whoa. What's with the serious mood? You might as well tell me. I'll keep guessing until you do."
She drained the last of her drink and set the glass down on the bar. "Trust me, you don't want to hear this drama."
"Why don't you let me make that decision?"
[Want more? Read Chapter 1 here.]

Praise for the Book
"An intense romantic suspense." ~ Kimberly
"This book couldn’t be more timely with the setting of the Presidential conventions as the backdrop. I could only wish that Farley’s plot was the only political intrigue that our country was facing. Breaking the Story keeps up the pace with surprising plot twists that are realistic and suspenseful. Throw in a little romance between two likable characters, and this story will appeal to many. Reminds me of a David Baldacci thriller but with a woman’s touch. You won’t want to put this page-turner down." ~ Alison
"I couldn't put this book down." ~ Melissa

Guest Post by the Author
I worked hard to make certain Breaking the Story is unbiased in terms of politics. While my novel is a romantic political suspense, my message is more about the importance of integrity in journalism than anything else. With the 2016 presidential election on the horizon, I thought it’d be fun to give my readers a break from real-life politics - the debates, incessant phone calls, and endless stream of television commercials - with a sexy scandal within the political arena. 
While I am a bit of a political junkie, I do my best to keep my opinions to myself. Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when it comes to something we feel passionate about like politics, religion, and sports. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Mock Convention at Washington and Lee University in Virginia where my daughter attends college. Since 1908, every four years, student volunteers at the college have hosted a mock political convention, complete with roll call, for the non-incumbent party. The school holds an amazing record of accuracy in forecasting the party’s nominee. They have only been wrong two times since 1948.
For Mock Convention 2016, over the course of two days, student organizers brought in world-renowned speakers like Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney to address conservative issues relating to the Republican Party. This inspiring lineup imparted their wisdom upon this impressionable group of young people, not by forcing their opinions on them but by empowering them to be good citizens. The universal appeal was for these kids to get out and vote, regardless of party. Educate yourselves on the issues facing our nation - the $19 trillion debt, the immigration crisis, foreign affairs.
I had an opportunity to talk with many of the students, most of them my daughter’s friends, while I was at the convention. Understandably, politics was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many of these students have listened to documentaries and news reports, read the continuous stream of social media tweets and Instagram post concerning the state of our nation. I was not surprised to learn that these students had mixed emotions concerning politics, but I was comforted to see how much they care. These millennials are the future of our country. They owe it to themselves and their future spouses and children to explore their options and make an educated decision before they vote. Regardless of age, we each have the responsibility to pick the candidate that best represents our principles. Don’t take a candidate at surface value. Listen to the debates. Visit their websites. Find out what they really stand for. Voting is a privilege and every person’s vote counts. 

About the Author
Ashley Farley is a wife and mother of two college-aged children. She grew up in the salty marshes of South Carolina, but now lives in Richmond, Virginia, a city she loves for its history and traditions.
After her brother died in 1999 of an accidental overdose, she turned to writing as a way of releasing her pent-up emotions. She wrote Saving Ben in honor of Neal, the boy she worshipped, the man she could not save. Saving Ben is not a memoir, but a story about the special bond between siblings. Her Sister's Shoes is a women's novel that proves the healing power of family. Merry Mary is a holiday novella about a young woman who longs for a child and stumbles upon a Christmas miracle. Breaking the Story is a romantic political suspense.

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