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"Dream of Me" by A. Star

Dream of Me
(The Djinn Order Book 2)
by A. Star

Dream of Me is the second book in The Djinn Order series by A. Star. Also available: Wish for Me (ON SALE for $0.99).

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Glory St. Pierre never thought so many lies could hold so much truth, especially when her entire life has been one of those lies. Now that she knows who she really is, she must find a way to come to terms with it before the Djinn sorcerer Rasputin and his steel army descend down upon the human and Djinn realms, wielding magic so dark even her own Djinn lover, Irving, is wary of it.
Their only hope to save the realms are a couple of hunters and the Lords of the Djinn Order, four powerful Djinn who have remained elusive for centuries. Armed with her only granted wish, a fabulous airship, and the Djinn she loves by her side, Glory will embark on a quest to find the four lords and enlist their help. But there is a reason the lords have been in hiding, and once this tiny band of adventurers awakens them from their slumber, they will set off a chain of events that has been in the making since the beginning of time.
There is no turning back now.

There was a knock at our apartment door and I knew right away who the knock belonged to. Swallowing the last of my beer, I discarded the bottle and got up to answer it.
“Hey,” Ash said, stopping me. I looked her way and grinned.
“Thanks,” I said, taking the piece of minty gum from her and popping it into my mouth.
“What would you do without me?” She tipped her chair back, keeping her balance by propping her foot up on the table.
I shrugged. “Probably buy my own towels to wipe my barf up with.”
Ash’s expression morphed into disgust. “Gross.”
I laughed and pulled the door open just as Irving Amir was about to knock again. A blush heated my cheeks the second my blue-eyed gaze locked with his violet one.
“Hey,” I said, instantly taken by the sparkle in his amethyst eyes.
“Hey,” he replied. Then, without another word, he slid his arms around my waist and kissed me.
But it wasn’t just a kiss. It was an onslaught that nearly made me choke on my gum. Irving kissed me like our first time, when he’d pinned me down on my bed and made me see stars. And all I could do was take it. His lips, his hands, his entire being commanded that I did. As his tongue slid over mine, I inhaled his sweet spice and tried to keep my hands from slipping inside the front of his jeans. His lips were warm and soft and damn, so fucking lickable that I almost couldn’t control myself. I wanted to climb this Djinn like a tree and swing from all of his branches. That’s how hot he made me.
“Damn, I wish a man would come along and kiss me like that!”
Irving’s lips lingered on mine for a minute longer before he pulled away. “Hello, Ashlyn,” he said, gazing over my head and flashing that gorgeous smile of his.
“Hey, Irving,” Ash grumbled, sounding entirely put out.
I laughed and moved so Irving could come the rest of the way into the apartment. He closed the door behind him and moved away to approach Ash, who was still kicking it at our dining table.
“You know, Glory spent the last week barfing with that mouth you just assaulted with your tongue.” Ash made a disgusted face.
Irving just laughed and bent to kiss her hand. “You’re as beautiful as the first time I met you, Ashlyn.”
My best friend tried not to smile but it proved impossible. She giggled like a girl scout. “If only you had a clone.”
“But he doesn’t,” I said. “And we are not going to share him like you suggested the last time.”
“I’ll accept that when I hear it from Irving’s lips, bee-yotch.” We both looked at Irving and waited, causing him to laugh again.
“You two are quite the pair. Unfortunately, Ashlyn, my heart belongs to Glory alone. But I know that the man you choose to give your heart to will be lucky indeed. You are a treasure, and only a fool would be too blind to see that.”
Ashlyn just stared at Irving for a moment before turning to me. “How are you not head over heels in love with this dude?”
I felt my cheeks flame, but I didn’t respond. I hadn’t told Irving that I might love him because I was kind of scared of what that might mean. I cared about him, for sure, but declaring my love would make things so official and I was kind of a wimp when it came to relationships. I knew we were in one, but with declared love involved, especially when it came to Irving, I knew once I was in there’d be no getting out. And that scared the shit out of me.
Neither of them forced me to respond to Ash’s question, but it was apparent the subject made me uncomfortable. Ash, bless her heart, decided that was the perfect moment to make her exit.
She downed the rest of her beer and tossed the bottle. “I’m headed out to buy some more towels.” She jabbed a finger in my direction. “And I better not see you even look at them, Barf-O-Blondie.” I gave her the middle finger in agreement, and after grabbing her bag off of the couch, she tossed her dreadlocks and left.

About the Author
A. Star is a fan of dirty passion. She loves to read it, and she damn sure loves to write it. She is the author of the Mythos: Gods & Lovers series and The Djinn Order series. She is a night-owl and a coffee junkie, and the only sneaker she would be caught dead wearing are Converses.

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