Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Dating Tips from Dad" by Amity Jones

Dating Tips from Dad:
How to win the dating game
by Amity Jones

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Growing up with my father had helped me to learn valuable ways of what to do and not to do regarding dating. I am so grateful he took the time with me to make sure I would have the best type of person in my life. This book is designed to help parents talk to their kids about dating. In addition, singles that have struggled and for those back into the dating world after being out of it for a long time. In this book you will find fast ways of how to meet that guy or girl; beginning of dating; who makes the first move; great conversation starters; and when to move on. As a bonus I have some tips I have learned along the way and have found helpful for me as well as my friends I have shared them with.

Praise for the Book
"Excellent advice for any stage of life. This book gives great practical and smart advice. I would recommend it to my friends that are dating, and found things that are helpful in my marriage. I will definitely pick it up again when my kids get a little older - to use as a teaching tool. Very good read!!!" ~ Elizabeth Martin
"This book gives a clear picture of the most important things that one should learn about dating. The wonderful thing about the book is that it is a personal account of many of the lessons learned by the author which were passed down by her father. It is a refreshing approach to dating. I believe that Amity the author, has written this book not only from personal experience but from her heart. I would recommend this book for anyone faced with the challenges of dating. Also, the amazing thing about the book is that she used many of these ideas on her journey before marriage as well. So, they are tried and true ideas. You will not be disappointed when you read this great little book on dating!!!" ~ Peggy Price
"I bought this for a friend of mine, but read a good portion of it before I passed it on. It was easy to read and I love the connection with the author and her Father. I think it's great to get both a female and male perspective on the subject. I've been married for 20 years, but found it a fun read for me. My friend hasn't finished the book, but says she already has a new game plan when she decides she's ready to re-enter the dating scene!" ~ HNW4life
"This book is a quick read but don't let the speed deceive you into thinking there isn't a lot to it! I appreciated the mix of personal stories with practical input. As I was reading I thought 'I want my daughter (who is now 18) to read this - it will help her in her dating life!' You don't have to be dating to gain wisdom from this book!" ~ Libby C. Vincent
"This book clearly discusses a lot of points where we can improve ourselves and within our relationships so we can keep it real, and keep it right. This book will let the single folks not be afraid and be prepared for the worst when it comes to dating. The tips in this book are very helpful to make each relationship last." ~ A W

Guest Post by the Author
My inspiration for Writing this Book
Over the last 10 years, something inside me has wanted to write a dating book about my dad’s dating knowledge he passed down to me. My friends and family would ask me how I dated such amazing men and when I found they weren’t taught the same things I was growing up about dating, I knew I had to tell my story. When I started asking my circle of friends about their dating experiences growing up and the bigger question of "how did they learn how to date?" I was always puzzled when the majority of them said they were never taught by their parents. I had the aha moment and started writing down notes for my dating book.
With all the dating and relationship/marriage books I have read over the last 25 years, I wanted to write something that was simple, fast, and to the point. Most of the points in my book are probably things everyone has heard at some point while they were dating or in a relationship. By writing this I wanted to help as many people before dating as they won’t have to endure as many heartaches or they can learn a few tips to help their next relationship go smoother.
I have been surprised at the response of who have read my book and how much it has helped them from all ages, male or female, parents to share with their kids, whether they are dating, married, or single. It feels good to be able to guide my readers to how to date, what a healthy relationship is and when to move on. I have been contacted by many of my readers saying how much the book has helped them in so many ways. One reader was so happy to hear what my father had taught me about dating since she didn’t have a father growing up. I didn’t realize the impact I was going to have when I wrote this book.

About the Author
Amity Jones grew up with her father from age 8 and on. Learning the simple steps of dating, among other things, were very helpful in finding the most amazing men in her life. After she did a personal survey of her friends the last 10 years and found that they didn't really learn "how-to-date" other than from trial and error, from their dysfunctional parents, and/or their peers that didn't know what they were doing. It led her to write this book to help others learn her dating tips from dad.