Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Hark - A Christmas Collection" by Justin Bog

Hark - A Christmas Collection
by Justin Bog

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A beautifully written collection of short stories from critically acclaimed Pacific Northwest writer Justin Bog, Hark explores the range of emotions surrounding the holidays. From melancholy to madness, loss and despair to hope and forgiveness, these six tales shimmer with feelings, some we’d rather stuff away, that Christmas can evoke.
Within Hark – A Christmas Collection, a retired police officer faces another Christmas Eve while bitter recollections haunt his every turn, a lonely woman plans to seduce Santa Claus one Christmas Eve, a widow grows anxious as she searches for a present she misplaced and intended to send to her ungrateful sister, a woman can’t keep the images of her past – these ghosts – from haunting the life she chooses to live, a bookstore clerk and his partner join a Christmas party in Sun Valley, Idaho and are taught a lesson most un-holidaylike, and, finally, a couple portrays Mr. & Mrs. Claus in their small island town holiday festivities and face a grim diagnosis together.
Set in colorful locations around the United States, from Anacortes, Washington, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Sun Valley, Idaho, each tale focuses on people who struggle to make good choices, learn lessons, and maybe even find peace during the holiday season.
A bonus story, "Poseidon Eyes", from the upcoming Sandcastle and Other Stories – The Complete Edition, is included.

Praise for the Book
"Hark - A Christmas Collection by Justin Bog is a collection of short Christmas stories that make this anything but your typical holiday romp. Like a box of chocolates, some are better than others but each is honest, real and touched my heart. I laughed out loud, got a little teary, a little melancholy... a mix of emotions were stirred in this quick read. And that's author Justin Bog's gift! Well done." ~ Christina Boyd
"Hark brings us six wonderful stories that occur at Christmastime. Unlike many books about this time of year, Mr. Bog's collection pays tribute to the season without being melodramatic or candy-cane sweet. [...] I compare the flow of these stories to that of a jazz song. They are delivered in slow, crisp tones. The notes hit the mark and draw in the reader. Like a 'seasoned' jazz singer though, Mr. Bog knows that too many trills or too much scat singing can rob a song of its essence, even if it may impress initially. As such, Hark is a true lesson in storytelling restraint. Each tale, including the bonus "Poseidon Eyes" provides a window into the lives of people we know. They are not Christmas caricatures; their lives are not always extraordinary. They are pieces of you and me, and their stories will touch you whether you celebrate Christmas or not." ~ Eden
"This is not your usual Christmas collection of stories. There are no tales of magic and miracles to be found. In this book, the author has collected together short stories that show another side of Christmas. An equally important side. There are people who, for whatever reason, may not be enjoying the Christmas season, and these stories looks at a few examples. [...] I'd definitely recommend this book, especially as a Christmas read. The sights and sounds of the season are intertwined with the deep and poignant characters' stories." ~ Maria Savva

About the Author
Justin Bog lives in the Pacific Northwest on Fidalgo Island. Justin Bog was Pop Culture Correspondent and Editor for In Classic Style. He is an experimental cook, a lawn mower who colors outside the lines, and treat master to two long coat German shepherds, Zippy and Kipling, and two barn cats, Ajax The Gray and Eartha Kitt’n.