Thursday, August 14, 2014

"When Violet Was Blue" by Deb Troehler

When Violet Was Blue
by Deb Troehler

When Violet Was Blue is a children's picture book recommended for children ages 3 to 6. This review opportunity is brought to you by Mother Daughter Book Promotion Services.

Little Violet has a problem. She knows that she needs the help of others, but simply cannot figure out how her friends can help her solve this problem. With assistance from an unlikely source, Violet and her rainbow friends find a way to brighten the day for everyone.
Told in rhyme, When Violet Was Blue is a bouncy tale that children from 3 to 6-years-old will ask to hear over and over again.

Praise for the Book
"What a fun book to teach children the importance of team work! When Violet was Blue is also a great book to help children learn their colors. The author included some facts about rainbows, along with some other wonderful activities for children, after the story. I would highly recommend When Violet Was Blue!" ~ 5 Star Review, Dana L., Amazon
"Deb Troehler’s children’s book, When Violet Was Blue, will have children and adults alike smiling as they read of Violet and her friends’ efforts to reach Cloud and scatter him. Troehler also illustrated this book and her illustrations, especially her grumpy Cloud, are just marvelous. Parents will appreciate the simple and beautiful way Troehler explains how rainbows are made and how working together can help get lots of seemingly impossible things accomplished. They’ll also love the science facts, projects, and math games that are included in the back of the book. When Violet Was Blue is fun, enlightening, and educational, and best of all, it does make one smile while reading it." ~ 5 Star Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
When a big cloud blocks the sun's rays, Violet starts to feel "blue". She enlists the help of her colorful friends in an effort to get the sun to shine again. But who will come up with the best solution?
This delightful rhyming picture book teaches us that by working together we can achieve our goals. The story itself is followed by fun activities and information on how a rainbow is actually formed. The kids will want to read this one again and again.

About the Author
Deb Troehler has worn many hats over the years - teacher, fabric artist, author, illustrator, gardener, mother, and grandmother. Although each hat is unique, they are all stitched with a common thread - Deb’s connections to her loved ones and the world around her.
Mrs. Troehler was a special education teacher for 15 years. After leaving the classroom due to a recurrence of cancer, her family moved to West Michigan to spend time with her husband’s family. To help make ends meet, Deb wrote instructional material and stories for several trade magazines such as Doll Crafter, Doll Reader, and Soft Dolls and Animals. Eventually, the magic of West Michigan motivated Deb to put pen to paper and record the stories inspired by her treks up and down the shores of Lake Michigan. When Violet Was Blue is Deb’s third book for children.