Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Book Cover: Selected" by Susanna Ivy

Book Cover: Selected 
by Susanna Ivy

The cover counts.

The importance of a great cover is not to be underestimated. It is like with most things in life - the first impression counts.

The internet is flooded with hundreds of new eBooks everyday. To be successful, yours must stand out. Therefore, it is important to find a designer you trust and who matches your needs for your very own masterpiece - your book.

Book Cover: Selected shows that book covers can be art, too. Featured here are some of Susanna Ivy's more popular cover designs. For lovers of graphic design and fans of art, Book Cover: Selected seeks to remind the viewer that first impressions mean everything.

Susanna Ivy got a degree in Graphic Design and works as freelance designer and photographer.

Please note: For best results it is recommended that you view this book on Kindle Fire, a free Kindle computer application or a free Kindle smartphone application. For those with black and white Kindles the photos will still be viewable.

By Eve Paludan

This Kindle book is a cool showcase of selected Kindle eBook covers designed by the talented Susanna Ivy. Further, her covers help sell books - a number of these covers resulted in bestselling books and viewing them is a good study for what works in Kindle book design. With only a front cover for Kindle books, the design of a cover has to have maximum impact at thumbnail size, as well as on a small rectangle on the Amazon buy-it page. My publisher had her design one of my covers and it is a good-selling book. It is not enough to write a great book. It has to be wrapped in a beautiful package. Susanna Ivy has a keen artist's eye and an intuition for design that takes the high concept of a novel and delivers the author's words as a visual theme in the marketplace. Also an award-winning photographer, Ms. Ivy has a sense of light, color, and composition that translates from her photo savvy into her graphic design for book covers. This is a display of her talent as a book designer that shows an understanding of what makes novels intriguing.

About the Author

Susanna Ivy is an aspiring and passionate wildlife and travel photographer who grew up in East Berlin behind the wall. Inspired by her grandfather she discovered in an early age her love for all kinds of animals. So far she had traveled 30 countries and has taken thousands of photos. In 2010 she won an international competition and could fulfill her childhood dream and travel to Galapagos.