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“Lynda did a really comprehensive blog post and review of my book and worked diligently to put it in front of her Books Direct audience. I found her to be very professional and conscientious. Thank you Lynda!” ~ Nicholas Fillmore, author of Smuggler

“I had the pleasure of working with Lynda and entrusting my work to her so she can promote and advertise it on her blog. I put a lot of faith in my books success in her blog. Thank you Lynda and look forward to working with you in the future.” ~ Benjamin Guerrero, Creator of Eden Arcadia Gradation

“Lynda, your elegant way of introducing stories to other people is a gift. Thank you for your care and attention to such a lovely post, and your kind words that continue to touch my heart.” ~ Kaitlynzq, author of Legend of Song de Light

“I cannot thank Lynda Dickson enough for her professional and kind conduct. She promoted the book diligently, and she provided a reflective and detailed review. As an author, detailed reviews are important as they provide feedback which an author can learn from and improve their writing. She was generous with her time and effort. She also assisted me in getting the correct links and html for my website and social media so I could provide links for the posts and review on Books Direct. She went beyond what was expected and I am very grateful for her and Book Direct services. Thank you, Lynda!” ~ Hawaa Ayoub, author of When a Bulbul Sings

“Lynda Dickson’s website is best described by the one word: ‘professional’. It was a pleasure to have her interview me, and I noticed all the many tweets and things she circulated to publicise our exchange. Thank you, Lynda.” ~ Dr. Bob Rich, author of Hit and Run

"What a super great posting of my interview and book The Checkered War! It looks absolutely fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to do this and for your enthusiastic comments. I will promote you and Books Direct any chance I get. Thanks!" ~ Aunt Haggis, author of The Checkered War

"Lynda did a fantastic job with my blog post! Her site is a great place to find new books and writers. Her site is easy to navigate and is a great resource for book lover everywhere." ~ Rob Armstrong, author of Daddy 3.0: A Comedy of Errors

"Lynda is very efficient and provides intelligent, high quality reviews which she posts on Amazon and Goodreads. She also includes your media kit on her site for a spotlight to promote your novel." ~ Jenny Morton Potts, author of Hiding

"Lynda reviewed one of our books, The Little Green Boat on her blog. She was fantastic to work with, very flexible and understanding, provided complete and easy to follow directions and stayed in contact. She wrote a lovely review, including extra information sourced from around the web, and promoted it well. I am looking forward to working with Lynda again in the future and I'm very impressed by the professionalism and quality of her blog." ~ Kate Stead on behalf of Chris Stead, author of The Little Green Boat

"The blog post from Books Direct is wonderful. I am very impressed by the professional quality of the site. I really appreciate and thank Lynda for the great work." ~ Kirk Raeber, author of Forgotten Letters

"Thank you so much for your lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing your experience of using Paperless Post cards. Your link also looks perfect. I really appreciate your effort, professionalism and dedication. It was a pleasure for me to work with you. I will contact you, if we have similar opportunities." ~ Helen Chuchak from Anagram Interactive for PaperlessPost

"Thank you Lynda and Books Direct for the amazing post you put together for my debut novel. The amount of time and effort that went into the post totally blew me away. I love how you included a little bit of everything, from a short excerpt and your favorite lines to the book description and an interview. I'm so amazed! Thank you again, and thanks for sharing the news on social media and your review on Goodreads!" ~ Linda Smolkin, author of Among the Branded

"So you published your first book and done the bit of press that makes you feel like a snail climbing up a mountain. Its quiet on feedback and you're wondering if you're ever going to get a review to help move you from obscure to secure. It's ok, you're in the same boat as I was when I put out my debut book Road Tales. I was looking to get some quality feedback and a review to help blow the tumbleweeds away from my Amazon book page, and in came Lynda from Books Direct to give the release a little drum roll to get the promotion started. Honest and very detailed, she gave me such a cool review and made me feel that someone understood what I had set out to achieve. I would recommend Lynda in the turn of a heartbeat to support you." ~ Darragh J. Brady, author of Road Tales

"Thank you SO SO much! The post looks great. You've done a fantastic job." ~ A. P. McGrath, author of A Burning in the Darkness

"It is my sincere pleasure to provide this testimonial for Books Direct. Lynda Dickson’s professionalism shouts from the pages of her website where she shares book reviews, guest blog posts, and various forms of author-assistance such as sidebar listings of book covers. Books Direct is an incredible resource of information and offers links to free books and various promotions through its impressive social media reach. I just ordered a couple of books from this site which links directly to Amazon. Super convenient and it provides a small contribution to a site that is of value to all. The blog archive dates back to 2012 so it’s crystal clear Books Direct has a wide reach and loyal following. I’m grateful for the review provided my latest book and for the forum this site and Lynda Dickson affords." ~ Terry Lynne Hale, author of The Straightforward Internet

"I was delighted with the promotional results achieved by Books Direct, and in particular with the professionalism of Lynda Dickson, who responded quickly at all times and went the extra mile to provide an honest review at short notice when my novel unexpectedly landed an Amazon Australia special deal. I especially liked the inclusion in her blog post of her favourite lines in the book. Couldn't have asked for more!" ~ Deborah Lawrenson, author of 300 Days of Sun

"I am so impressed with Lynda. I've had several bloggers review my work, and Lynda has gone above and beyond anything I've seen until now. In addition to reviewing The Fifteenth of June, she has included an excerpt from the book, notable quotables, praise from third party sources, a complete author interview, and set up a wonderful giveaway. In addition, she's been relentless about sharing her review on social media, thus driving additional exposure to me and my work. As an indie author, I strongly recommend working with Lynda and Books Direct." ~ Brent Jones, author of The Fifteenth of June

"Lynda Dickson did an excellent job promoting my latest children’s book Spud’s First Day Surprise, along with the entire series! She is fast, thorough, professional – I could go on and on! Thanks Lynda for helping myself and other authors get the word out about our craft!" ~ Nancy Beaule, author of Spud’s First Day Surprise

"The highest compliment an author can receive is a reader who is moved by his or her work. The feature on Books Direct and blog will introduce my new novel to thousands upon thousands of readers who trust Books Direct and its Editor-in-Chief, Lynda Dickson, to recommend excellent new books to them. Lynda Dickson and her Books Direct are literary powerhouses for authors developing widespread readership. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, and the bottom of my inkwell, Lynda!" ~ King Grossman, author of Letters To Alice

"Lynda Dickson of Books Direct goes up and beyond the call of duty. I’ll not be able say thank you enough. Not only does she deliver the contracted service (excellently at that, I might add), she offers helpful advice and constructive suggestions. Finding someone as thoughtful and attentive - and caring - is rare. I highly recommend Lynda and her book promotion services to all authors, whether aspiring or established." ~ Tyler Colins, author of The Connecticut Corpse Caper

"So happy my path crossed with Lynda’s! She did an amazing job promoting my books – very professional, quick turnaround, reasonable, thorough ... can’t say enough good things about her! Plan to work with Lynda again as my series develops. Thanks so much!!!" ~ Nancy Beaule, author of the Chompy & the Munchy Bunch children's book series

"Working with Lynda was a pleasure, and I very much enjoyed reading her honest reviews, not only of my work. If you are seeking a genuine bibliophile opinion get in touch with her!" ~ Gaia B. Amman, author of An Italian Adventure and Out of the Nest

"It was a day of good luck when I came across Books Direct and Lynda Dickson and decided to go with her promotional services. Not only is it a pleasure to work with her but the results were terrific; my books sales went way up. I highly recommend her services." ~ Paulette Mahurin, author of The Seven Year Dress

"After Lynda posted my novel Eerie on Books Direct, the Amazon sales rank skyrocketed. It'll be a couple months before I see the numbers, but I already know they'll be phenomenal. Eternal gratitude to Lynda for her honest and thoughtful review, and for her tireless promotion. I highly recommend Books Direct :-)" ~ C. M. McCoy, author of Eerie

"As always, I’m delighted and awed by the depth and scope Lynda gives her authors. She creates a digital press kit and rolls out the red carpet and makes you feel like a star. Her professional attitude is outstanding and it has always been the same in the years we have worked together. Kudos, Lynda." ~ Wally Runnels, author of Twisted Love

"Lynda fashioned a terrific and very comprehensive post stop for my book’s blog tour. Her wide reach will expand your audience while gaining noticeable exposure. I highly recommend her services." ~ C. L. Murphy, author of Selfies in the Wild

"I'm very impressed with your presentation/layout of my novel, Death Unmasked, on your blog. Very professional. It made my day very special! Thanks again, Lynda, for your exquisite blog, and all the best to you!" ~ Rick Sulik, author of Death Unmasked

"Lynda promised me a promotion on her blog, an interview, and a review of my first book of fiction The Wilton Bay Chronicles. And boy, did she deliver. All that and more. Her review was extensive and honest. These days, with the book market so over-crowded with publications that range from mediocre to masterpieces, well written reviews are an essential. And this is what Lynda offers. Which is why I’m pleased to thoroughly recommend her Book Direct services." ~ Ian MacRae author of The Wilton Bay Chronicles

"The exposure on Books Direct blog was just what I was looking for to promote my memoir Destination Dachshund. It was professionally done and a great service for authors to showcase their books. I was so happy with it. Will use again." ~ Lisa Fleetwood, author of Destination Dachshund

"I first discovered Books Direct when Lynda hosted one of my books on her blog as part of a virtual blog tour. When I was looking for bloggers to spotlight my latest book, I remembered Lynda and went on over to check out her website. I found the information on the website regarding promotional opportunities clear and easy to follow. The forms were really well thought out. Lynda quickly contacted me after I filled in my request and her communication after that was great as well. She kept me up-to-date on a regular basis and let me know when my promotion would be posted. In addition to posting the promotion on her website, she marketed the promotion of various social media platforms. I'll definitely be back to request her services as soon as my current manuscript is finished." ~ D. E. Haggerty, author of Murder, Mystery, and Dating Mayhem, Jack Gets His Man, Love in the Time of Murder, and Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker

"Wow! You’ve done such a beautiful job putting together the blog post with interview. It looks amazing and I hope your readers enjoy it. I’ve had a few of our Aulexic readers comment on how much they enjoyed it. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into preparing it and sharing it. I’ll be back again in the future when we have another book, sale, or giveaway to promote. Thanks!" ~ Rebecca Laffar-Smith aka Bec J. Smith, author of P.I. Penguin and the Case of the Missing Bottle

"I must say that I am one hundred percent satisfied with the promotion of my book, Possessed. It seems that Lynda goes out of her way to provide the best service possible. Even with the limited resources that I was able to provide, Lynda completed my blog post in a very professional manner, and accordingly I would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone who may require book promotion." ~ Delilah Packet, author of Possessed

"I spent a good deal of time researching bloggers to determine which ones I wanted to query regarding reviewing my book, Mistaken Enemy. To me it was about quality and professionalism - I was grateful when Lynda accepted my book, more appreciative after viewing the posting of my material: I'd say first class. Thank you." ~ Dennis A Nehamen, author of Mistaken Enemy

"It was a pleasure working with Lynda for my guest post, her review, and the giveaway of my book. She always kept me well informed and was very supportive. She worked tirelessly promoting the book for the giveaway. Her enthusiasm is contagious; I felt like I was really participating in the giveaway, and I'm happy for the winner. It was a very positive experience." ~ Judy Martialay, author of ¡HOLA! Let's Learn Spanish

"Working with Lynda was a fantastic experience. She did a thorough and very well done job of writing up my book and posting her opinions on all of the social media. I'll be using her services again." ~ Richard G. Lowe, author of Real World Survival Tips and Safe Computing is Like Safe Sex

"As a repeat customer of Books Direct, I continue to be both pleased and impressed at the level of service and professionalism they offer. It is absolutely one of the best book promo deals out there." ~ Daniel Diehl, author of The Merlin Chronicles

"Over the years I have worked with numerous online promotional services as part of my comprehensive book-marketing campaigns.  None of them have provided as diverse a range of services, with such constant attention to detail and personal concern - and at such an amazingly reasonable price - as Lynda and the nice folks at Books Direct. They definitely rate as a five star service." ~ Daniel Diehl, author of Apparition Atlas

"Both of my promotions with you were outstanding and I thank you so much. I had responses from Ohio to Italy. I will be using you for all my 12 books in the series. Thank you again." ~ Carolyn Reynolds, author or High Heels and Train Wrecks and Mood Swings and Diamond Rings

"Absolutely amazing job of showcasing my books, and laying out this promotion. I would highly recommend your services to indie authors, the cost is so small considering the beautiful job you did on the feature. Again thank you for your work on this promotion for me!" ~ Angelica Kate, author of Foster Intellect

"Thank you, Lynda. As always you did an outstanding job of highlighting my book. I appreciate your hard work!" ~ Della Temple, author of Tame Your Inner Critic

"Lynda did a fabulous job of showcasing my books, my interview, and my giveaway. I can’t see anything I’d like done better, and am very happy and excited that I used her generous services!!!" ~ Geoffrey Saign, author of Gorgon and WhipEye

"I need to add my name to those who found Lynda Dickson's Books Direct a great way to publicize one's books, but also to those who found Lynda to be the nicest person to work with. She's smart, responsive and provides a great service. I hope Books Direct continues to grow and provides her lots of joy." ~ Peter G. Pollak, author of House Divided

"This is a gorgeous presentation! You've exceeded my expectations and I plan on highlighting it on my website and sharing on social media. Thank you!!" ~ Della Temple, author of Walking in Grace with Grief

"I just contracted with Lynda Dickson, Books Direct, to publicize the fact that my first book won an industry award. She did a fantastic job, more than I expected. I have already recommended her to other writers, and I will be asking for her help with future publications." ~ Patricia Dusenbury, author of A Perfect Victim

"I have contracted with Lynda Dickson twice to promote my first two novels in the Women Who met Jesus series, The Adulteress and Veronica. Both times Lynda has done an incredible and outstanding job in promoting my books. Her work is amazing and I am very happy with all she has done. I highly recommend Lynda and Books Direct to other authors. Thanks Lynda, you have helped me out in so many ways." ~ Lucinda Weeks, author of The Adulteress and Veronica

"Thank you for the wonderful review. Your promotion has been spectacular. I will recommend to all writers I know." ~ Thomas Lopinski, author of The Art of Raising Hell

"Lynda, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to interview me and to read my book. I loved your comments and suggestion. It just makes me feel more like and author to have had someone like you review my book. Thanks." ~ Laurie Jueneman, author of Climbing the Mount Everest of Depression with the Help of Strong Cleats

"If you want someone who delivers more than she promises, then choose Lynda Dickson and Books Direct. She delivered all that I expected and more, followed the committed schedule and provided multiple promotional opportunities. Thanks for your great service." ~ JP Nicolais, author of Simple Sleep Solutions

"When I found Books Direct I was simply looking for a review. But I got more than I bargained for. The introductory procedure was extensive. But when you want a review you don’t ask questions. When I saw the results I was stunned. A visual with all of my books, a blurb another writers had given me, a picture of the reviewed book itself, plus the video I had made for it. Incredible. The site is very upscale. Efficient would be the key word here." ~ Wally Runnels, author of Mother's Nature

"Books Direct is a wonderful site, made more so by Lynda Dickson. She is professional, efficient, quick, and a true pleasure to work with. Without her, I couldn't have done a giveaway with a promo with such ease. Maybe not at all. Thank you, Lynda!" ~ Julie Frayn, author of Mazie Baby

"Lynda has an attention to detail that is unmatched. She created a process that was easy to work with, and followed through with every aspect of the job. She is fair in her book reviews, and quick to respond to questions. She understands her customers' needs and takes care of them expeditiously." ~ Thomas B. Dowd, author of Time Management Manifesto

"Books Direct was a pleasure to work with, the blog feature was amazing, and I will be using Lynda Dickson's services again and again." ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Patrice Wilton, author of For the Love of Candy and Love Struck featured in the Hearts and Kisses box set

"My Books Direct promotion was fantastic! Lynda is fast, responsive, and professional. I will use Books Direct for every New Release. Thank you, Lynda and Books Direct for the wonderful promo!" ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano, author of Following His Heart and Take Me I'm Yours featured in the Hearts and Kisses box set

"Books Direct is a wonderful blog. Lynda features a wide variety of books and offers great giveaways. Two of my books have been featured on her site. The posts were accurate and timely. Lynda does a excellent job!" ~ B. L. Blair, author of Notice Me and Dead in a Dumpster

"I wanted my two books to be advertised together because one was my first book, and the other is the sequel. I didn’t know how they would look, but Lynda created a very eye-appealing ad with both the books side by side, and then also listed them separately so they were one above the other with excerpts. I was very impressed with them, the social media coverage, and also with the good communication Lynda provided. I truly appreciated Lynda’s efforts. Thank you so much!" ~ Laurie Adair Grove, author of Crossroads Serenade and The Pink Victorian

"Running a busy website is demanding, and requires a lot of commitment - Lynda does a great job. I'm wary of some sites but with Books Direct I had no issues - quite the reverse, and would encourage other indie authors to work with Lynda and benefit from her services. Thank you." ~ James Minter, author of The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload

"Authors, join Books Direct. Lynda is professional and talented. She gave my first thriller Imogene's Message a fabulous post which reached more readers than I could have ever imagined." ~ Christine Sherborne, author of Imogene's Message

"Lynda is professional and courteous, and Books Direct is a great place to feature your novel. She featured mine and it boosted my number of readers." ~ K. P. Ambroziak, author of A Perpetual Mimicry

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